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Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2012

Unlike any other vacation plans, planning a honey moon vacation is going to be ultimate for anyone. There are several honey moon spots around the world, which ensure privacy to create a magnetically romantic ambience. Choosing the top honey moon destinations of 2012 is not too easy. But let's pick some variety of destinations which suits every couple for a blissful honeymoon experience.

Seychelles, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean renowned for pristine white beaches, picturesque landscapes and lush tropical vegetation remains a heavenly paradise for newlyweds. The place offers all the essentials any honeymooning couples would ever want. Seychelles boasts some luxurious resorts in the world where the couples can indulge in spa treatments, practice yoga and also offer a mood of relaxation with a touch of romance. Seychelles Islands, home to one of the most romantic islands also offer great opportunity for hiking, surfing, windsurfing etc. Fun mixed adventure makes this place one of the best paradises on earth for a romantic getaway.

Honeymoon or a romantic getaway at the Amalfi Coast of Italy is definitely a perfect start to a life full of romance and excitement. It is one of the most beguiling honeymoon destinations and breathtaking coastal resort areas in the Mediterranean. Long scenic coastlines, picture-perfect villages, pine trees, vineyards, scattered olive and lemon groves all give you a chance to indulge and enjoy yourself with your loved one. With wide choice of dining and luxurious accommodation options, Amalfi Coast will leave the honeymoon couples enticed.

Switzerland can be another ideal destination for a romantic holiday. Gorgeous weather all year round and snow capped Alps ranges make this one of the most tranquil spots. Swiss chocolates, Swiss sweets, museums and lake cruises capture the heart and soul of every honeymooner. Resorts and restaurants in Switzerland live up to the world-class standards of hospitality and also offer top-notch facilities and impeccable services to couples.

Australia, an exotic honeymoon destination could be a heaven for couples who love sight-seeing and animal watching. Some fresh air in the great outdoors, or even an adventure packed honeymoon, can all be enjoyed at Australia. Barossa Valley, Byron Bay, Cradle Mountain and Kakadu National Park are among the favorite places in an Australian romantic getaway.

Off the coast of India, the Maldives are a country made up of coral islands, meaning there are plenty of sandy beaches, clear ocean water and palm trees to discover. It is one of the best un-spoilt romantic getaways with handful of honeymoon hotels and resorts that can offer a mood of relaxation with a touch of romance. Couples can also spend quality time in the beach enjoying a romantic sunset. Anguilla, Indonesia, Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Vallarta are also among the top rated honeymoon spots of 2012. All these top destinations have special accommodations for newlyweds.

A honeymoon destination is to be chosen in such a way that it matches the couples taste and budget. But finding the best place for a romantic holiday differs from person to person. A romantic honeymoon vacation to some exotic destinations will enhance your natural romance with your loved one and also give you a chance to understand your life partner better while you travel to the far reaches of the globe.

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