Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

No peace for the wicked!

Ok so finally after all the clearing down, signing off and far too much work for a Sunday, I head to the pool only to be confronted by this little twinkle toes, my youngest, who decided it would be a great game to chuck water all over us for the afternoon! No peace for the wicked!

Wedding at Puente Romano

We love this venue, it is such a fabulous Spanish setting, so Andalucian.
Here we have yet again my snapshots from the day, and am promised more wonderful photos to come from the photographer :)
A beautiful vintage style bouquet, the wonderful scene for the ceremony and of course the fabulous Patio at Puente Romano set out for this wedding, with our table centrepieces and crystals supplied by the bride, simple & elegant within such beautiful surroundings.

More weddings to come from this weekend as our birdcages went up to Granada and we created two more weddings, one was a lovely soft pink wedding we sent up to the hills behind Malaga and the other to Nerja! We have been promised the photos :)

In India, Marriage Online is Legal

Lucknow, India, Islamic theology is a school of conservative influence in India, Deoband, on Thursday (12/7/2007) yesterday said that the Muslim wedding online via webcam on the internet is legal and acceptable.

DetikINET quoted from Reuters, Friday (13/7/2007), the effect of school for the Muslims in India is known as the gender policy is that hard. Early July, they issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslim school girls in public schools along with the men.

Decision melegalkan wedding online is taken in a Fatwa Department of Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh state after the occurrence of two rare cases of Muslim marriage over the internet in the capital of the state, Lucknow. One wedding events were presented to the Deoband school to ask for their approval.

"In this case there have been experts in law consent to guide couples in Kabul," said leading scholars of Deoband, Khalid Safiullah Rehmani.

The case has raised a variety of discussion and debate since first going online wedding in Lucknow in 2005.

Rehmani said that both men and women candidates in the marriage through the Internet each have two witnesses must be based on Islamic law.

Marriage Path Online

At the wedding online in 2005, the bride shabnam woman sitting in front of a Webcam. To the male candidates - Abdul Kalam - who is in Mecca, the bride shabnam women say 'I want to'.

At least 40 family members of women pack a cafe to watch the wedding, followed by a celebration and feast in their houses.

In the holy city of Mecca itself, Kalam have a friend as a witness the wedding online.

Black and White at Los Monteros

Martini arrangements and table names above
Table seating plan, Kids party bags below

Martini and lantern above
Table seating plan below

Decorated Miniature Cavas for the girls above
Confetti cones below

Decorated fans for church above
Disney Clubhouse party bags for kids below

After a very hectic few weeks with none less than 4 weddings this weekend, we are delighted to show our fabulous wedding at Los Monteros with a black and white theme. There will be more photos to come of this wedding, these are our snapshots!

Our creative bride had thought out many details which we designed with her and created the theme of black and white with pearls.

There will be photos of the church in Marbella to come with all the bridal flowers, we created the fans decorated with black and white ribbons and pearls, the confetti cones again to match plus the mass booklets for the church, I took some snapshots before they left here!

For the reception we decorated miniature cava bottles for the girls with name tags tied on with white ribbons, decorated with pearls and a black straw and for the men we did cigars, again with name tags but decorated with black ribbons plus we had a fun time doing a lovely Disney Clubhouse kids table for her little girl who was also celebrating her second birthday, complete with Disney Clubhouse party bags, balloons and of course a birthday cake :)
Our lovely martini's adorned the tables, although they were on and off for a while due to the wind, that eventually as always here in Spain, died down as the evening progressed along with white lanterns hung on the gazebos and over the bar.
We loved the table names, all named after bands with the Commitments as the top table! My favourite table name was the grown up girls table, The New York Dolls!
More fabulous photos to come of this wedding, including the church, when I have nagged the photographer to boredom and beyond :) x

Real Wedding Inspiration: Erin & Chris

Photography: Ben Chrisman Photography

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009


I'm back in town, and whipping up a few little accessories--this one's my current favorite. Silver vintage velvet millinery flower, silk tulle, birdcage veiling, feathers, pearls.

Happy Hour: Rockapolitan

- 1 oz Cruzan citrus flavored rum
- 1 oz orange juice
- 1/4 lime juice
- 1 oz cranberry juice
Garnish: lime wheel

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini and garnish with a lime wheel.
{Source: Cocktail Times}

Real Wedding Inspiration: Lauren & Steele

Photography: Ben Chrisman Photography

slideshow here.