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Using Your Shopping Bags To Glam Up A Space

Looking for an easy way to glam up a special place in your home?  Your bedroom?  Your dressing room?  (P.S. If you have a dressing room instead of a closet I applaud you! Hehe)  Ms Moth from Moth Design had a brilliant idea to frame some of her shopping bags and create a gorgeous installation.  She used frames are from Ikea to frame some of her 'special' purchases.  I love it!

Source: Moth Design

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One Long and Two Short Wedding Dresses

Good morning my lovelies.  How was the weekend?  I have such a thing for short wedding dresses - smart, modern and fresh these goodies from the Monique Lhullier Fall 2012 Collection are to die for.  But for good measure I just had to throw in a long dress as well!!!  So here we go: One long and two short wedding dresses. 

Source: Unveilled Weddings

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Happy Halloween!

Wishing our followers a Happy Halloween weekend and hope you all have a wonderful ghoulish, spooky time!
We thought we would share some lovely images found on
Pinterest with you!

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Happy Weekend + Lovely Links

Happy Weekend my darlings. I have been waiting for this weekend ALL WEEK!!!  I'm off to a ladies lunch and catching up for beers with friends.  There may even be some pancake making for The Big A.  Why?  Well why not?!  Have a great weekend. x 

Some Lovely Links: 
I'm making this as we speak
Double denim never looked so hot
An amazing space by Sara Tuttle 
The most darling details from Design Darling
Inchmark's magical thinking 
Let's all swoon for J Crew wedding dresses
Before and After 

What is the diamond?

Provide a diamond ring for a marriage proposal

In a marriage proposal, engagement ring is always appropriate, and for this very special ring, diamond is often unavoidable. But where does this tradition? We know for granted, but few of us know really where this habit comes to offer a diamond ring to his request. In fact, if you think about it, a custom very strange that this ring provisional, which will be laid between the demand for marriage and the formalization of the union. It marks the period during which the relatives will be informed of the decision to marry and preparations for the big day will be organized.

Custom engagement ring was already present in the Greco-Roman antiquity, and it goes back even as far as the Egypt of the pharaohs. In those early times, the engagement ring was just a ring of wire, sometimes of gold for the wealthy, nothing to do with these beautiful jewelry that we offer today. The ring that forms the ring has always been a powerful symbol in many cultures, and the fact of placing it on the left ring corresponds to the Egyptian belief that the "vein of love", connected directly to the heart, pass through the finger.

The tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring, or precious stones, is much more recent and dates back to 1477 when Maximilian I of Mexico, Archduke of Austria, married Mary of Burgundy, and presented him a diamond ring for his marriage.

Before the twentieth century, it was not uncommon for the groom to offer anything other than ring for engagement, such as a thimble. And it was not until the late nineteenth century that saw the tradition of offering a diamond engagement ring to democratize, mainly due to the discovery of diamond mines in South Africa, which was significantly lower the price of these beautiful gems.

But the real democratization of the diamond ring came after 30 years, and a marketing campaign launched by the South African company De Beers, which is still to date the company the largest diamond in the world. To see diamonds everywhere in Hollywood movies, the greatest actresses of the time, usually settled in the United States and sales of diamonds have increased significantly to reach their climax in the 50's, with the famous slogan "a diamond is forever" (a diamond is forever). With this ad, the diamond has become a mythical symbol, and the diamond ring jewelry absolutely essential for a marriage in due form.

Today, the diamond solitaire is considered the ultimate engagement ring and the stone continues to symbolize the eternal and pure love and to inspire all women whom he is the best friend. Be mentioned and the song echoed by Marilyn Monroe "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

To buy your diamonds online and take advantage of prices among the lowest in the market for your gold jewelry and precious stones, jewelry online Edendiam . com is really a must shop.


The high cost of the engagement ring is often the sparkling diamond or shimmering colored gemstone that you choose to decorate it. To avoid costly mistakes, it is very important to learn as much as possible on the stone you are considering. The best way to take the risk of buying a particular piece of jewelry is to familiarize you with the gem. While the average consumer can not hope to make the same judgments than precise gemologist qualified by scientific training and wealth of practical experience provide a much larger database from which to operate, consumers can learn to judge a gemstone as a personality "total" and learn what are the key factors are: color, clarity (sometimes called in the trade as "perfection"), sparkle and shine, and weight, and how balance to judge the value of the gem. Learning these factors spending time in the market looking, listening, and ask questions before making the purchase will prepare you to be an informed buyer is more likely to get what you really want, at a fair price.

Selecting a diamond

The diamond engagement ring has become the universal symbol of love and commitment between two people. The symbolism of diamonds surrounding secular reflects both the preciousness of the moment and the commitment of two people in love to cherish other forever.
While some women prefer other gems in the diamond, or opt for a particular significant family heirloom, a diamond is by far the choice of the bride of today.

Some brides have no doubt been taken by surprise with the unexpected presentation of an engagement ring, but it is probably safer to approach the task of choosing the ring together. While the element of surprise is very romantic, keep in mind that the engagement ring is designed to be worn for a lifetime. It is therefore particularly important that the bride-to-be that he really likes, it reflects his personal taste and style. If you are a die hard romantic who wants to surprise, we recommend placing a picture of a ring as you inside the "small black ring box" and by presenting this place, it combines romance and functionality, and you sending another important message: not only you like, but you understand the importance of working together on this important decision!

Previous articles and following, we will give everything you need to know to buy a diamond with more confidence and if you are shopping for an engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary, or just a beautiful piece of jewelry Diamond pointed out an important moment. The greater your awareness of the elements that determine the quality of the diamond, the most likely to know what you want to get exactly what you're after, and derive lasting pleasure from it.

- What is the diamond?

Chemically speaking, a diamond is the simplest of all gemstones. A diamond is clear of crystallized carbon, the same substance, chemically, such as soot left inside a glass globe after the burning of a candle, the same substance used in pencils.

The diamond is different from those in its crystalline form, which gives the desirable properties have made it so highly valued, hardness, giving it the ability to wear to none, his brilliance and fire. (But note that if the diamond is the hardest natural substance known, it can be chipped or broken if hit hard in some ways, and if the belt "" was cut too thin, it can be chipped with even a modest hit.)

The transparent white colorless) Diamond is the most popular variety, but the diamond also occurs in color. When color is important, it is called a diamond fantasy. Diamond often found in shades of yellow and brown Nice. Diamond color like pink, light blue, light green, and lavender are much more rarely. In diamonds, the colors are generally seen pastel. Diamond colors in shades of deep red, green and dark blue are extremely rare. Historically, most colored diamonds have sold for more than their colorless, except for light yellow or brown varieties. Yellow or brown, in shades of very pale may not be fancy diamonds, but out of colored stones that are very common and sell for much less than colorless diamonds or those with true colors "fancy".

In addition to the natural color diamonds, "fantasies" who obtained their artificial color, through exposure to certain types of radiation and heating techniques are readily available. The deed of sale (and any accompanying certification assessment, etc.) should specify whether the color is natural or induced. If they have an incentive, the price should be much less, even if the gem is often as beautiful as one with a natural color.

- The four factors that determine the value of the diamond
Diamond quality and value are determined by four factors. They are called the "four C". If we were then classified according to their importance in determining the value of a diamond, we list them as follows: - Color (body color) - Clarity (degree of flawlessness) - Cutting and dosage (often referred to as the brand) - Carat weight (which affects the size)

In terms of determining the beauty, however, we classify them in a different order:

1. Cutting and dosage

2. Color

3. Clarity

4. Carat weight

Tips for the diamond you really want, within your budget

If you have an unlimited budget, you may think it is important to have a large stone of the highest quality available, a "D" with a perfect flawless do. But for most of us who must work within a budget, choosing the right ring is a matter of learning to juggle, and discover the factors that best meet our needs, emotional as well as financial.

- In diamonds, go for color and brightness first

If you have a limited budget, you have to compromise on something the size, color, clarity (grade default), or liveliness. Of these four factors, one can see the size, color and liveliness. In terms of what most people notice on the finger, clarity is the least important in our opinion. Personally, on a limited budget, we would choose a stone with the best possible color and personality of liveliness.

What most people do not understand is that even in SI2 diamonds, the flaws are not really visible when the diamond is given, and in most cases, can be seen at all without the help a magnifying glass. In fact if you take a good cut one carat D-color and FL (Flawless) clarity diamond and hold the nest for a good cut of a diamond carat D/SI2, you will not see a difference the naked eye. Contrary to what many believe, this is not the purity that determines how a diamond bright living will, but the cutting and dosage. And you may feel much more sparkle if you can spend $ 7,500 for a diamond, D/SI2, which might look like a $ 36,000, D / IF diamonds to anyone without a magnifying glass!

The brilliance of the diamond and vivacity is as important as its color. After all, what defines the gem in its own glass and cheap imitations. A well cut diamond has more scintillating, more brilliance and "fire" than any other gem. But the key to the brilliance is in his being well cut. We have seen that the diamonds were so badly cut that they had no life at all. In fact, you might as well look at a piece of glass.

For this reason, we prefer diamonds to fine it. Diamonds that are cut to look a little bigger than they are in fact can also be pretty, but when they are cut too common, they are lifeless. In our opinion, we prefer to buy a diamond that is exceptionally well-cut diamond that really dance before the eye, even if it costs more. Because it costs more, we would consider lowering the color a little note in exchange for the best possible "make", or down in size a bit. As you shop, be sure to pay attention to how a diamond is cut. Ask to see the diamonds with "ideal" makes. You will soon be able to detect differences in brightness and liveliness. Then your eyes will help you find the right balance for your own budget.

- A small difference in points can make a big difference in dollars.

The cost of a diamond increases significantly when you reach the full 1 carat. However, try to find a diamond weight 90 points (or 9 / 10 of a carat). When set, few people can see the difference between a diamond of 90 points which is not less than one carat diamond. The difference, however, is very noticeable in dollars. Where a fine diamond carat (quality G/VS1) could sell for $ 9,800, the same weight of quality diamonds of 90 points could cost only $ 8.500. The money saved could pay for a beautiful diamond studded wedding band!

A word of caution: Be careful that you do not sell a diamond that is too "" propagate (a term used to describe a diamond that is cut to look larger than its actual weight). We have seen diamonds weighing 90 points which are actually higher in the scale of 1 carat diamond that is cut well. These diamonds usually do not shine and the sparkle of a diamond well. May you be happy with their size, but make sure you are satisfied with the brightness. After all, if you pay for a diamond, you deserve a stone showing its beauty.

- What to consider when choosing the color code.

D-Color is the color the more rare and expensive in a white diamond. There are very few diamonds that receive that rank very high. Diamonds rated from D to H on the GIA scale are classified as "white" by the rating systems, and others, where they exist, appear white. I and J are the colors of color "slightly tinted" by other systems and you may see some yellowish or brownish body color of stone. K and L, may also be called "tinted white", and you can more easily see the color. M to Z, May also be called "color tinted" or "white" and appear yellowish or brownish white.

The cost difference between D and E color, however, although both considered "white" diamonds, can be significant.

It is important to remember that when a diamond is defined, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between D, E, F and colors without comparing them to another nest immediately. For those whose budget, choosing a diamond with E, F or G, D color rather than Paris could help you meet your expectations, a "white" diamonds, with great fanfare in a nice format.

- The color of your setting can make your diamond appear whiter.

If you are on a budget, keep in mind that if you feel you can not afford a diamond white as you wish and still the size and brightness is important, paving stone in white gold or platinum may make the diamond appear whiter than it really is. Less white diamonds (by L M colors) can actually appear more white in a white gold or platinum setting, the white metal is reflected in the diamond and yellow masks, making the diamond appear whiter. Yellowish tinted Diamond (M - Z colors) used to look more white in a yellow gold setting, where the contrast with the bright yellow of the creation of masks, the yellowish tint of the diamond and often appear more white.

- The failed March May the beauty of your diamond ring less than you think.

On a budget, they add beauty in May! As discussed above, the defects can not normally be seen in a diamond mounted to the naked eye until the I1 clarity rating! And even diamonds classified "I" faults are not immediately visible when the diamond is set, especially when worn. So while it is important to note that the default is to make sure you pay the right price is the factor that you can stretch further without harming the beauty of the diamond you select. This is an area in which juggling can significantly affect the budget while not affecting the brightness. Therefore, we normally recommend trying to meet your personal preferences regarding the three other relevancy factors. The price difference between the internal and Flawless Flawless, and each successive grade, can be dramatic. Looking at the diamond without the aid of a magnifying glass, the D / IF @ resemble the D / IF!

- Consider other shapes than round.

While the brilliant round cut diamond is considered by most as the cup the more revealing the beauty of the diamond up, it looks smaller than the normal cut diamonds in the shape of the other. Today, women are showing increased interest in other forms. Compared to the round, pear-shaped diamonds and marquise-shaped diamond look larger.

- Consider a design that uses several small stones of a large diamond.

As we have discussed in depth in previous articles, May beautiful designs use several small diamonds instead of one large diamond. These models offer a great way to keep the budget down. More diamond, the higher the price per carat. For example, a round-carat brilliant-cut diamonds mounted on a solitaire ring over a ring containing three diamonds with a total weight of a carat (each diamond weighs 1 / 3 carats). A loner, as he is the most popular style among married new ring-to-be is also the most expensive.

Look for innovative designs available in multi gemstone rings. These solutions offer an alternative that can create a very important and individual.

- Settings of Illusion. Some parameters to create the illusion that the diamond is larger than it is.

- Bold Designs in gold and platinum to give importance and distinctiveness of small diamonds. New designs reflecting more independent women of today have had a major impact on the engagement ring market, and the wedding band. Wider use, innovative models of metal can create a look very impressive, with a smaller diamond (less than a carat) and diamonds greater.

- Listen to your heart and your head. The most important factor in choosing your engagement ring is what you feel about it. You want to feel a chill, you want to feel excited, you want it to be your choice. If you really prefer yellow gold, do not let anyone talk you in platinum, if you really pear-shaped diamond, do not let anyone talk you round diamond shaped.
One of our customers was torn between two diamonds, one had the most beautiful color possible and she knew it was the "best" diamond.

The other was a bit bigger and it was not as white, color F, but he had to make a beautiful and brightness was really dazzling. She opted for the diamond a little bigger, even if it was the color F, because she was honest with herself and her fiancé, she preferred a diamond that was actually a little bigger, she was constantly to See this diamond because of its "personality." Diamond is a more rare "stone, Color-wise, making the more expensive per carat basis, but it was not that she really feel excited about. She made the right choice by going with his heart and not his head!

Diamond grading report (certificate)

Today, few fine diamonds over one carat are sold without a diamond grading report (or certificate, as they are also called) of a laboratory respected. Reports published by the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory, are the most widely used in the United States and in many countries around the world.
A grading report does not certify the authenticity of the diamond, it perfectly describes the stone and evaluates each of the critical factors that affect the quality, beauty and value. The information they contain can provide verification of the facts as represented by the seller and help make a safer choice when buying a diamond. Another important function of these reports is to verify the identity of the specific diamond at one time, some future. Also for insurance purposes, the information provided on the report will provide a replacement of lost or stolen diamond with a quality that is truly compatible.

The availability and widespread use of these reports can, if properly understood, allow even those who do not have the skills to make a valid comparison between diamonds and more informed purchasing decisions.

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for your engagement

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, some women prefer the color to the brightness of the diamond engagement rings. Love at heart or passing fad, they are torn between the sweetness of a sapphire and the exuberance of the ruby, or even the ambiguity of the emerald. In any case, your engagement rings announcement sparkling days. gems are the effect, enthroned all their magical powers at the center of a ring of betrothal . The meaning of the stone refers to your personality.A woman who opts for a sapphire engagement rings is necessarily a woman tender and reserved. Monsieur will know all these details before you move the engagement rings finger. No question of any odd. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings And you then which stone you want for your engagement rings ?

white gold diamond ring for your engagement .

Pierre stands for eternity and a symbol of character, the diamond does, a priori, not all women. Courageous, honest and uninhibited defying all limits, they are not only strong on the inside. Superstitious, they impress insurance, vision but also of wisdom and perspective on life in general. The diamond ring set with their engagement is supposed to protect them against all odds and nothing can hinder a chance almost disconcerting. Stone that is offered on the occasion of engagement - for a ring of engagement - or to celebrate the wedding of diamonds -60 years of marriage - it can offer many other occasions: birthdays and happy occasions. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings Your future husband, bewitched by your charm, not shrink from the fact offer you a beautiful ring of betrothal in diamond . As a token of love and loyalty promised.

sapphire ring for your engagement .

In life, you catch a sensitivity on edge. You need to be reassured and you doubt you at all times. But your major strength lies in the fact that you think of others before they fill your needs and pleasures. The happiness of your family comes first for that matter. Your future is all the more charmed. Thus, the sapphire is the stone that you makeityourring diamond engagement rings great on your ring of betrothal . Blue, pink, orange, pulling the green, it comes in several colors that evoke a thirst for happiness always around you. Your bug engagement promises. You need that man in your life you constantly repeat how much he loves you on pain of falling into depression and doubt. At home, no question of condoning hypocrisy or manipulation. You like to surround yourself with good people in their sneakers and feet on the ground. The sapphire is offered not only on the occasion of engagement set with a nice ring engagement but also to celebrate 10 years of marriage .

ruby ring for your engagement .

In my fantasies, our best wishes for happiness! The man in your life was stunned by your side. You have so impressed that he fell into the meshes of your net in all lucidity. For anything you leave it. He found the rare stone, it's sublime jewels found in you and your ring engagement . Life with you is every day of surprises. Your side all fired up because of jealous but you do not know how or be otherwise. One might even find it difficult to believe you. Routine bores you, the lack of activity you down. But not about you complain if your life take a little bit of fatigue. Your outfits are at your image: You decide your assets without posting an ounce of vulgarity. You like it and you know it, but only the feelings of the chosen of your heart matter. 35 years of marital happiness are an opportunity to be offered a beautiful ruby or earlier on a beautiful ring engagement .

You prefer the emerald ring for your engagement .

True to its color variations, emerald comes from light green to green and offers a disturbing split personality door to anyone. Your engagement rings disorder many people, too. It corresponds to women's changing mood, however down-to-earth and non-hazardous. Their background, gentle and generous, unfailing loyalty make them particularly attractive. So we draw a line on their escapades and their mood swings. Intellectual, they are impressive lucidity and imagination. They go from one extreme to another without warning, but that's what makes their charm. Romantic and rare, they are still very lovable. Proof of this is the feature that gives a real emotional value: the emerald offered to celebrate 40 years of marriage or earlier, set on an makeityourring diamond engagement rings for your engagement ring.

Affordable Art from Sugar Paper

Loving this affordable art from Sugar Paper.  The price?  40 smackaroons!!!!!
Source: Sugar Paper 

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Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

Best wedding dresses

We are featured on Preston Bailey´s brides blog!

I am a huge fan of Preston Bailey and his extraordinary fairytale events he creates.

Preston Bailey is every event designer´s aspiration, to think outside the box and create sublime decoration experiences using lighting, props and of course gorgeous florals.

Every day I avidly follow the Preston Bailey blog, which recently has become a brilliant tool offering advice, business insights and of course inspirations.

Can you imagine my delight when scanning Facebook last night I realised my blog was featured on his yesterday, I nearly fell off my chair and was almost hyperventilating :)

I just had to share this with you and then will get back to work!

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Your chance to win a Caitlin Wilson Textile Pillow!

My lovely readers - I'm curious.  I'm curious to know what you think of 7 Year Wedding.  Do you visit often? - What do you love? What could improve?  To fix my curiosity I'm launching the 7 Year Wedding reader survey (Sounds fancy huh?)  It's super easy - 9 quick questions that should take less than five minutes.  Better yet, if you complete the survey you will be in the draw to win a pillow up to the value of $70 from the newly launched Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  If you haven't visited her new collection you must, its full of chic goodness!  The survey is open until Friday November 11 so get involved right here.


Source: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

The Fine Print
The Competition is open to anyone who completes the survey and ensures they leave their email address (Otherwise I can't give you the prize!) The Competition is open from Wednesday October 26 until midnight Friday November 11 Australian E.S.T.  The winner will be randomly selected and will be notified via email.  The winner can choose a Caitlin Wilson Pillow up to the value of $70 usd.  The prize will also cover shipping to any location worldwide.  The prize is non transferrable. 

ring is the symbol

The engagement ring is the symbol par excellence of a gift promise of marriage, a token of love that the bride wears the ring of the left hand. In the past, in many cultures, aspiring boyfriends offered an apple to the girl chosen as a declaration of love, while the ring was a symbol of the gift most challenging wedding vows : for the Visigoths and the Germans, for example, had the contract value bridal. The rings are the most classic solitaire, the river with small diamonds or the "Trilogy", consisting of three diamonds symbol of love past, present and future.
The tradition of giving a diamond ring as an engagement dates back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary to Borgondia dominated by a gold ring as a promise of a brilliant marriage. This royal tradition has remained alive through the centuries and give a loner has become almost a fixed stop on the journey of marriage itself: in fact, today about 70% of brides receive a diamond as an engagement ring!

The meaning of the diamond

There are different types of stones, and each has its own symbolic meaning. The choice of stone for an engagement ring can be dictated by the special intentions or feelings that the groom would send to his beloved. It has always been known that the stones racchiudno unique and profound messages that can guide her boyfriend in his choice:
Pietre dell'anello di fidanzamento
Stones engagement ring
Diamond: durability, solidity;
Ruby: ardent love;
Sapphire: fidelity;
Emerald: hope;
Aquamarine: lasting and happy marriage;
Beryl: strength of the bond of love;
Opal: true love.

Stones and zodiac signs

Each astrological sign is associated with one or more stones. So if the bride is careful to astrology, the groom can choose the ring according to these criteria:
Aries: ruby, sapphire, diamond;
Taurus: emerald, rose quartz;
Gemini: emerald, turquoise;
Cancer: pearl, tourmaline, moonstone;
Leone: diamonds, aventurine green;
Virgo: sapphire, diamond, jasper;
Libra: Emerald, Opal;
Scorpio: ruby, smoky quartz;
Sagittarius: lapis lazuli;
Capricorn: garnet, onyx, malachite;
Aquarium: diamond, amethyst;
Fish: aquamarine, amethyst.

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All smiles.

Photo: Sean Flanigan

Love this photo of Erin in her Elizabeth Dye alençon lace shrug. Best wishes, you happy people.

All smiles.

Photo: Sean Flanigan

Love this photo of Erin in her Elizabeth Dye alençon lace shrug. Best wishes, you happy people.

Etsy in Spain perhaps!

I am very fortunate that, as part of my work, that I am introduced to some hugely talented and creative people. I am always attracted to the people that have that certain style and more importantly are working very hard, are passionate about what they create and are reliable.

Recently a jewellery maker was bought to my attention by Sweet Things by Fi at one of our design meetings in our studio.

Fi had bought some of Sharon´s creations including some gorgeous wine glass charms, bracelets and key rings all made out of beautiful crystal beads. We discussed various ideas of how they could be used for our weddings either as gifts for bridesmaids and favours.

Shortly after this one of my friends was struggling to find a good supplier for a Breast Cancer charity night to provide some pretty gifts for her fundraising.

Having spotted this plea on Facebook, I asked Fi whether Sharon could make up 40 crystal bracelets with 3 days notice and lo and behold a wave of the magic wand produced not just 40 to die for pink and clear crystal bracelets but beautifully presented in pink organza bags and tied with gorgeous tags.

We were delighted, and so was Maryanne, the organiser of this event.

Our thanks to Sharon at Lovelissimo Designs for helping us out at such a short notice and we hope to work with Sharon a lot next year to produce favours, bridesmaids thank you gifts and just general gorgeousness!

Sharon´s new venture can be found on Facebook and her website.

Amazingly Animal Art

One of my favourite Saturday rituals is to catch up with A Cup of Jo's Saturday links.  Jo had a beautiful link to The Animal Print Shop by the talent Sharon Montrose.   I had to do some more digging and after visiting her shop I love what I have seen.  Gloriously stark prints of animals ranging from the cute and cuddly all the way to the magestic and even scary.


Iklan Ini sangat benar tentang itu berkata - Tidak ada kesempatan kedua untuk membuat kesan pertama yang baik. Iklan, terlepas online atau offline, jika mereka tidak menarik perhatian Anda dalam hitungan detik mereka dianggap gagal. Agen iklan dan perusahaan-perusahaan besar tidak percaya pada 'faktor keren' dalam iklan lagi. Sebaliknya, untuk benar-benar berdiri keluar dari keramaian, ide itu harus benar-benar keluar dari kotak, sesuatu yang membuat Anda tertawa, berbicara tentang hal itu atau setidaknya membuat Anda terlihat dua kali.
Berikut 70 iklan benar-benar kreatif yang akan membuat Anda terlihat dua kali. Yah, setidaknya untuk saya. Daftar lengkap setelah melompat.
australia post 70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice 

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custom engagement rings

makeityourring diamond engagement rings Mineral called diamond faceted special way (cut diamonds there nearly a dozen). Makeityourring diamond engagement rings The classic Diamond-cut is a way to cut, when the stone round (it is the most expensive in diamonds) on the front side has 33 faces, but on the back - 24. This is the number of faces provides the fullest possible reflection of light inside the diamond. According to sources, in this type of cut required yet another facet of the bottom of the diamond, the so-called "spike" (acute lower part of the stone). However, this face is not mandatory, so the 58-facet cut is not a classic.

The characteristic "Diamond Lights" - a consequence of maximizing the brilliant reflection of light, which is due to the extraordinary purity and clarity of this kind of precious stones, as well as for the correct cut. Diamonds have such a huge popularity only after the jewelers have mastered ways to cut these gems. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings Uncut diamonds, probably due to a much lesser of their aesthetic appeal, were not as absolute leaders among precious stones, which now are considered to be diamonds.

There are other forms of cut diamonds (pear, oval, marquis, heart, princess, emerald, baguette), but they are much cheaper than diamonds round.

Buy diamond so Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings
At present. Brilliant - the king of rock and the gift of a diamond - the emperor of presents! Price / quality to find a better gift is simply impossible.

Brilliant - this is a gift that can give not only your loved one, showing the depth of his feelings. Well suited for diamond gift and relatives - this gift will be remembered for a lifetime and will facilitate the formation of the donor as a good location. Also suitable for diamond and a gift to friends and business colleagues (especially those who are surprised by some expensive gift is extremely difficult. This gift will show you that the extremely high rate of giving someone a diamond and set up for long-term best friendships or business relationships - from diamond Because of its strength as a symbol of stability.

In the piece of jewelry. Buying a diamond engagement rings separately and ordered directly from the jeweler making jewelry, you will save a lot of money. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings so jewelry will cost you less than purchased at retail, two, three or more times. With the same parameters of rocks and the product itself, or even - with the best diamonds. Plus, you will have more opportunities on the choice of the characteristics of diamonds and other precious stones for their products than if you bought a ready-made in a jewelry store .

Diamonds as an investment. The notion that it is worth buying diamonds, thus investing the money - it's pretty common misconception. First, novice investors are not familiar with the specifics of fluctuations in the price of diamonds of various sizes, color and clarity. Second, the mere mortals often not easy to find a good friend in a large jewelry company, through which could be advantageous to buy diamonds in exchange for special jewelry companies. A purchase in the retail diamond jewelry store - it's not the most sensible action in terms of investment efficiency. Finally, to invest in diamonds require much money, which does not have the most novice investors. In addition, the diamond is not so easy to purchase and sale operations - there is no fixed rate of sales, and commission agents can be quite significant.

However, many people believe that by investing in diamonds, it will be possible in a few years back the capital invested with considerable profit. In fact, it is possible, but it depends on so many variables that we can hardly recommend buying diamonds as a way to put good money, especially novice investors. In addition, most investment object appear large and very large diamonds.

However, already having a diamond rush to sell it is not worth it - diamonds are constantly, though not rapidly grow in value. Perhaps due to the fact that the Earth they have exhausted the number, perhaps - for some other reason.

The Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings characteristics of diamond

It is considered that the value of a diamond is determined by its three main characteristics:
  • Carat diamond 
  • color diamond
  • purity diamond (micro-chipped, cracks, bubbles, etc.)

Carat Diamond

Carat (from the Italian «carato») is the mass of the carob pods. The mass of this pod surprisingly constant, so in 1907 the 4 th General Convention of Weights and Measures was established unit of mass, called the "carat" and equal to 0.2 grams (that is how much weight carob pod, used in antiquity as the unit of mass) . In the USSR this unit of mass adopted in 1922. The term «Carat», denoting the weight of the stone is often confused with similar-sounding «Karat», which denotes the percentage of gold in the alloy (usage: "... 18-karat gold?," ... A gold ring 24 ct ... "etc.)

By weight of diamonds can be divided into three groups. Small diamonds - carat 0,25-0,29 before (according to different sources). Average diamonds are stones weighing from 0.30 to 0.99 carats. Major called diamonds, weighing more than 1, 00 carats. The cost of the stone increases with increasing weight. Large diamonds are sometimes used not only as decoration but also as reliable in the long term investment.

Color Diamond

By color diamond are very diverse - from almost colorless to dark yellow or yellowish-brown. In addition, there are enough diamonds with pronounced color hues: red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow. It is believed that colorless diamonds are more expensive and most expensive - with a slight blue tint. Colored diamonds are more common and are cheaper than their colorless counterparts.

Diamond color is usually determined by a special scale on which 1 - stones, devoid of any colors, and 9 - with a clearly visible yellowish-brownish tint. Deprived of all colors diamonds are extremely rare, in most cases, they have virtually invisible to the naked eye a yellowish tinge.

If you decide to buy a diamond or diamond jewelry, Is to determine what color purity diamond you want to buy: almost colorless (2-4 on the color scale), or a little-bit-colored (5-6), but with a more reasonable price.

Purity (defects) diamond: a diamond is better to buy?

By purity (defect), a diamond stone to understand the degree of freedom of micro-defects in it. Because diamonds are natural minerals, they always have any internal micro-chips, debris, small bubbles, and even cracks. Therefore, diamonds, absolutely devoid of any defects which do not exist. But there are diamonds in which any expression defects hardly detectable so that we can assume that they are almost faultless. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings -  Is also important, where in the stone are the micro-defects. If they are on the edges of the stone and will be almost completely hidden from the observer's eye after the tack of stone, the stone is much more expensive than a diamond, in which micro-inclusions and other defects are located in the heart of stone.

On a scale defects in diamond is divided into 12 groups. By 1-6 groups are diamonds that do not contain defects, distinguishable without magnifying glasses or a microscope. In the 7th group consists of diamonds, in which defects are visible when viewed from the simple to the naked eye, and 12 are the group of rocks, actively alive with splashes, that is almost completely filled with them.

Thus, the larger the diamond (the higher the weight), more than it is colorless and devoid of defects, the diamond is more expensive and less common. To buy profitable diamond, worth comparing these stones not only in weight, but also in color and clarity (these parameters are taken to indicate in the certificate to be attached to all separately-selling diamonds). In the certificate describes all the characteristics of a diamond. Only after a detailed comparison of all the features you can buy the most suitable for you rock.

It should be noted that in the world, there are several systems for determining the color and defects in diamond. For example, a world-renowned laboratory for certification of diamonds GIA uses an alpha-numerical scale. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

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Want to Avoid A Stuffy Wedding Ceremony?

Well then, say hello to a picnic wedding.  Think grassy knoll, picnic blankets in pastels and little baskets full of goodies to share.

Source: A Ribbon At A Time

diamond love engagement rings

Makeityourring diamond Engagement rings everything is changing in the past few years, buy rings so easy, in the Internet you can buy engagement ring from  rings settings online. Woman love engagement bands and shopping  to buy engagement ring settings. There are many cheap  rings that you can choose and you can design  from jewelry stores to make as unique engagement rings.
makeityourring diamond engagement rings

Buying o ring is definitely a deal very specifically. Antique Engagement Rings symbol of eternity and purity, makeityourring diamond engagement rings is the best proof of love. Promise rings symbolizes the promise of a life together The idea of buy white gold  and titanium rings online might seem preposterous, but if we had been told there are 10 this year, we buy online furniture and clothing, we do the probably would not believe.
But we must admit, these days, buying jewelry rings to makeityourring diamond engagement rings on the internet fills many advantages. First, buy jewellery online is cheaper, and it is not about small savings since you can find discount engagement  rings on jewelry online from 20 to 60% cheaper than in store.
The budget is crucial for most of us, and know that with a base budget, we can get a better quality wedding ring sets in store is a strong argument. The lower price does not affects the quality of the cushion cut engagement rings, on the contrary, but the sales system is different, and in this case can reduce many costs, including eliminating some intermediaries.
Rings Jewelry online does not have to put money in a commercial or sales staff on site. Buy her diamond at jewelry on the internet  offers many advantages.
  • All about the price. Buy  from jewelry online will always be more economical.
  • The number of princess cut engagement rings models presented is often more important than in a traditional jewelry
  • It is also possible to customize its jewel, something that is not possible in all traditional jewelry.
  • In addition, online jewelry stores are available to Internet users 24/24 and 7 out of 7.
  • No need to run after work to buy a piece of jewelry before closing, now you can order  and build your own engagement rings from the sofa.
  • Customer Service shops and often more responsive to customers.
  • Advice take the time to explain, advise and guide you through the search for engagement  jewelry.
This approach to the purchase diamond  from  jewelry online can also take all the time, to compare offers, and especially not to be influenced by a vendor who sometimes seek to make you go above your means.
You care for yourself making your choice, and you can do so at any time, useful for those working late. Buy engagement rings online for makeityourrings diamond engagement rings is also an excellent option for those gentlemen who live away from jewelry, rings jewelry online is always a click away.
“Rings decorative world
Diamond is a unique creation of God, was quite special
Someone need diamond engagement rings for his lover
Makeityourring diamond engagement rings”

But that does not mean that you will not have access to quality service! When you buy diamond engagement rings, sapphire rings or a solitaire diamond, it is reasonable to expect essential guarantees, and the opportunity to contact a customer service attentive, efficient and courteous. For an immediate response, jewels serious will provide you with a customer service call, and you’ll also have the option to contact this service by e-mail.
Make sure you still have to choose jewelry engagement rings online stores  recognition, providing certificates of authenticity guaranteeing the quality of the stones. The return policy must be transparent and you leave at least 30 days. You must also be able to get objective advice, and assurance that rings will be of better quality. To do this, it is best to make sure to select your o ring with a diamond certified
Shiree Odiz  designer jewelry online is the best place to buy ring settings online and you can design your own  engagement rings to makeityourring diamond engagement rings for your loving, there are many  of  weeding rings design collection of unique designer jewellery. Shiree Odiz  offer the most unique design rings for women  and original selection of high class  jewelry online, at the most competitive prices anywhere and at less than 50% of retail prices. Buy engagement rings at Shiree Odiz to makeityourring diamond rings
  1. Every purchase  from Shiree Odiz is a no risk purchase.
  2. 30 day returns with no questions asked 100% cash refund if not completely satisfied
  3. Independently certified diamond ring by most reputable gemological labs (GIA, EGL, IGI and IGL for all diamond solitaires over 0.50 carats)
  4. Secure checkout
  5. Read reviews from customers like you on each item page
  6. Buyer protection when purchasing with Paypal
  7. 3rd generation of diamond dealers and member of Israel Diamond Bourse
  8. Above all, we make every human effort to make every customer a customer for life.
Antique engagement diamond rings styles attracting the women since centuries and worn by all people in love. Every women dreams that she will enjoy wearing diamond engagement rings.  Buy with confidence at Shiree Odiz. Shiree Odiz is the best designer engagement rings and great jewelry store to buy vintage engagement rings and solitaire engagement rings and makeityourring diamond engagement  rings

What I Loved This Sunday...... Fresh Flowers, Cocktails and Gift Wrapping

This weekend has been so. very. good!  Here is a snippet of what I have loved.....

1. Fresh flowers from the markets in pink hues are always a treat.

2.  Cocktails always are better when they come from a cute liquor tray. Yes, things are looking up!

3. Jesus sandals are a must and for something special use fabric as gift wrapping.

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diamond rings engagement

makeityourring diamond engagement ringsDiamond  attract the women and so makeityourring diamond engagement rings because they symbolize the eternal love of man and his woman for each other. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings Solitaire diamond engagement rings gives shine and glamor in a deep sense of love. Nevertheless, the couple must carefully choose the diamond ring, as its many aspects have to be investigated for the first time to buy diamonds jewellery in a low-cost installation and on this occasion.

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, If you are thinking about a luxury gift for a loved one, which will please the owner of many, many years, it is worth paying attention to diamond jewelry. This is a royal gift of a lifetime. This is a profitable investment, as shining diamond engagement rings do not fade with time, is not subject to wear and does not lose its exciting beauty. Choosing a gift diamond jewelry, you can not fear to be not relevant. After all, diamond are in vogue always and everywhere, they are always in demand. These precious stones for engagement rings diamond are classified as exhaustible natural resources, and in view of its limitations are available only a few people. This applies primarily to large and exclusive diamond. Small stones can afford, and people with average incomes.

Choosing a piece of diamond jewelry as a gift, consider some of the features:
  • Young girls usually give diamond engagement rings, pendants or bracelets with a scattering of small diamond cuts. The combination of sparkling stones and white or yellow gold will any young lady in a complete delight 
  • The lady in the prime of life can present larger stones. Popular white gold or platinum diamond rings will be better for a large diamond, ruby ​​or sapphire, and if he will still be surrounded by smaller stones, then to such jewelry is not no woman can resist. This may be a ring, brooch, pendant, necklace, earrings or bracelet 
  • Men will like the ring with large colored diamond. It would be better if it's brilliant black diamonds. Also, any man love the clock with accents of diamond, a magnificent gift for years to come. The choice of diamond jewelry for men is not so broad as to women, but you can dream up and create something incredible. A good jeweler will be able to fulfill your every dream. 
Makeityourring diamond engagement rings For different impression of its shape diamond should be especially considered. Know the most popular round brilliant cut diamond of the bride, as a form of light and attractive. But the unique heart shape diamond engagement ring or marquise shape are also perfect. If the bride-to-be it fashion, you can impress her with emerald cut diamond shape. Or Princess can meet her if she likes the square shape.

Diamond are expensive, and most of the couples, of course, can not afford to buy the larger ones. However, they can shop for small and low prices of diamond and make it seem more like a diamond engagement rings on top. The secret lies in the settings. For example, the setup disk is pressed against smaller diamond to highlight it. Or voltage settings will make the whole strip, like two big-wave illumination for more diamond. Prong setting can also be an option for raising the stone on the ring.
Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, The stores of diamond to ensure 4Cs, namely cut, clarity and carat size and color and keep your budget in mind. If couples can only afford low prices of diamonds, you go for smaller cuts, which do not involve much expenditure. Colorless diamond are expensive. However, with some inclusions in diamond prices to fall significantly, and the glitter is almost the same. For low vapor budget of less than one carat diamond the size and fit can be quite large for a set of appearance.
Do not rush to the store to buy jewelry diamond engagement rings. You should shop around extensively for a suitable ring, you have to keep metal band in mind. To emphasize the brilliance of diamond at the top of the diamond ring, make sure the metal band is comparatively less bright and so white metal will be perfect.
As you may be the budget, it is advisable for you to compare price offers of different jewelers. Review websites for jewelers and find all the details about the diamond rings  engagement. To fight competition, many jewelers can be found offering diamond rings at lower prices than others, with some schemes and gifts are also offered. Of course, suitable ring can be found in the market place as soon as you have provided all aspects of buying diamond so makeityourring diamond engagement rings.