Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Some Flags For Our Party Last Night

Lovely readers, tonight was a fun one. I threw a surprise dinner for The Big A to celebrate his return from a month long trip in Europe. Ten of our closest friends came to our local for beers and dinner. I made some sweet flags (thanks Martha!) for everyone to wave when we came in with little sayings like "Say Holla", "Welcome Home" and "Woot for Aaron" The best part? Seeing The Big A looked happy and feeling like a special guy. Awwww.

Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Wedding Supplies

There is a charge to buy abounding altered things afore a bells date. Numerous affairs are fabricated for bells for which purchases are to be done. One of the important purchases is food for the wedding. You accept to analysis a lot to acquisition best supplies. So you accept to booty affliction of some important things like the blush of clothes called by bride, the affair of the bells and abounding added food afore and afterwards the wedding.

It is the dream of all the bodies in this apple to accomplish their bells day a appropriate and memorable one. It should not alone be memorable for helpmate and benedict but additionally for the guests accessory the wedding. So it is their albatross to agree all the things that are to be acclimated for wedding. But do not anticipate that they accept to booty circuit of bazaar consistently to buy the things. They aloof accept to agree the things that are purchased and say yes and no on it. Their role is to aloof canyon the things of abort it.

But it is the albatross of both helpmate and benedict to acquirement ability for the appropriate guests. It is their assignment to accept the absolute allowance for annual babe and the arena bearer. Buying ability is the aggregate albatross of both helpmate and groom.

Wedding food can additionally be bought by consulting the bells planner. These bells planners advice both helpmate and benedict to accept ability for their guests and their appropriate friends. They accept the aftertaste of helpmate and benedict and again action them altered choices from which they can decide. You can additionally booty the advice of bells boutiques. These boutiques are acclaimed for designing bells dresses for helpmate and benedict but now a canicule they accept started a new business of affairs added bells supplies. It is not accessible in all the bells boutiques but in called one.

Wedding food are additionally accessible on internet and additionally on actual low cost. Low amount does not beggarly that the affection is additionally low. But there are discounts accessible on internet. All you accept to do is aloof chase for these sites on Google and you will get a basin of bells supplies. Additionally you do not accept to roam about in active markets to chase for some products. You can get aggregate on your aperture steps.

But there are some things that are brash afore authoritative a accord for any bells supplies. While finalizing a accord for a bells accumulation it is important that you analysis all the aircraft and administration costs. Most bodies balloon this affair and accomplish their account attending high. So to plan a able account it is actual important to accede this thing.

You additionally accept to accomplish abiding about the deadlines for carrying the bells supplies. This is a above agency that you accept to consider. It is acute to affirm the timings for the bells supplies, decoration, reception, etc. All the choices are fabricated by helpmate and benedict collectively and all decisions are taken by them.

All the food are aboriginal arrested by the helpmate and benedict and again accepted or final placement. All things are planned with anniversary added so that there is no aberration in the planned budget. This is the absolute way to plan a absolute wedding.

An Andalucian Wedding at Puente Romano Hotel

Laura and Fred chose the Puente Romano Hotel as their wedding venue, to capture their dream day of an Andalucian wedding.
Both of them have parents that own holiday homes in Andalucia and they wanted to capture the charm of the white washed villages complete with geranium clad walls and terracotta tiles. The Puente Romano along with it's 5 star service and food and the beautifully established gardens made this venue the perfect location for their dream day.
The La Virginia Church, just 5 minutes drive away and set in a breathtaking Andalucian village setting was the perfect location for their ceremony.
Having booked the church and the venue, Laura and Fred needed to finish off all the details, decorations, music, cars and someone to be there to make sure everything ran smoothly throughout the day. We took over!!!
The wedding theme was pulled together using the hot pinks of the fabulous bouganvilla that grows here in Spain with a slight, but not overkill of a butterfly theme. Laura chose favour boxes for her guests in a butterfly filigree detail to bring in a slight element of lace detail that was also on her fabulous dress.
Carla, our coordinator, as always amazingly efficient and charming and filled in all the gaps organising the final details for Laura and Fred and holding their hands throughout the day to make sure it all ran smoothly, Laura has since said she wished Carla had been there from day one!
A wonderful day with superb service from Puente Romano, and many happy guests commenting on how fabulous it all was.
I would like to give credit to Loraine for the amazing flowers, Susana for dressing this so beautifully for me and Carla for just yet again being so efficient and organised! I have a dedicated team behind me that are able to pull together such wonderful occasions and they are always acknowledged.
Our thanks to Jennifer Jane, an associate of Jeremy Standley, for these beautiful photographs, without our photographers to capture the day our work would be long forgotten!

A Tops First Birthday Party

There are so many inspiring things in the first birthday party of Siri by The Event Studio and photographed by Sarah Bonvallet and Emma Freeman. I'm just going to put it out there and say so many of these ideas transfer to a picnic party or well any type of outdoor party. From the colourful mats, cushions and drapery to the bunting detail hanging from tree to tree. But the funniest thing is the kiddie friendly photo booth, that kid cracks me up. Check out more of the party here or here.

Pride and Prejudice Photo Shoot by Anne Sage

You have got to head over this way to Anne Sage to see her stunning Pride and Prejudice photo shoot, fabulous styling and love the setting.

Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Fabulous Cath Kidston styled wedding at Hacienda San Jose

Never in all my years as a stylist have I ever met my match with one of my brides, and I was truly astounded by Rebecca's talent and her attention to all the details that went into styling her wedding. A girl that is definitely in the wrong job for sure.
This wedding was organised and catered for by Heather at Fiestasol, beautifully photographed by Kris McGuirk and apparently, as I always leave far too early, a fabulous night of dancing followed with Rob the DJ.
Everything you see here was created by Rebecca, a graphic designer based in the UK.
I already knew this was going to be a stunning wedding, as Rebecca has been working hard on producing a portfolio of stationery for our shop here in Spain last winter, and I had been enlightened to most of what she was planning, but she still left my jaw dropping when I saw the amount of work she had put into her own fabulous day.
Nothing was left to chance, even the baby's nappy pants were styled with the baby's name and she was dressed in a mini Cath Kidston, but we do not have photos of this which is a shame, hoping we will get some though as it was so cute!
We filled in the gaps with Rebecca's flowers and dressed the tables for her, but her attention to the details was truly amazing from the table names with photos on, to the personalised sweet jars for every guests.
The fabulous candy and icecream bar for when hot guests arrived back from the church, the mirrored disco ball, the personalised wooden initials, the fairy lights her electrician father installed the day before, the list was endless.
Needless to say if Rebecca ever decides to up roots and move to Spain, we have already offered her a job. Rebecca is also promoting her stationery through our shop here in Spain so if you would like the same attention to details and stationery created here please do contact us for more information.
Our congratulations to Rebecca and Rob and hoping Rebecca is now having a well earned rest on her honeymoon!


Ashlina from The Deocrista did a lovely review of vanities and I had to share some of my fav's from her set. Don't you think that vanities are a haven of girliness - fabulous jewels and all sorts of potions and concoctions?

Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

Renting a Wedding Dress

It is a dream of every woman to get affiliated in a actual beautiful and comfortable way. The bells dress is advised to be one of the best adored dresses of a bride. There are abounding brides who accumulate their bells dresses preserved so that they can canyon them on to their daughters and granddaughters. If you buy a bells dress from an affected bazaar again they can absolutely be actual expensive. If you are on a account again you charge accede either renting a dress or affairs it from abatement store.

In this article, I would mainly like to acquaint you about the assorted capital things that you charge absolutely accumulate in apperception while you are renting a bells dress.

1. Selecting the absolute store

There are assorted food in the bazaar that mainly specialize in renting bells dresses to the brides. You can face assorted altered problems while renting the dress that is why it is capital for you to backpack out a through out bazaar research. There are assorted big conjugal food and saloons that accord bells apparel on the rent. You aloof accept to appointment the boutique in adjustment to baddest the absolute dress for yourself. There are assorted acceptable websites operating on the internet that can additionally advice you to hire these dress.

2. Do your arcade in advance

If you appetite to hire a abundant bells dress for yourself again you can backpack out your arcade in advance. There are actual few renting options and some rentals do not alike acquiesce you to get the dress adapted according to your size. In adjustment to baddest the absolute dress for your bells you charge try out as abounding rentals as you can. It is actual capital for the dress to fit you altogether appropriately award the adapted dress is awful important.

3. Considering rental packages

You will see that assorted boutiques and saloons additionally hire bells accessories in accession to the dress. If you appetite analogous accessories with your bathrobe clothes again it is important for you to booty rental packages. This is a absolutely actual acceptable accord as the rental amalgamation usually includes bells shoes, tiara, bells jewelry, veil, changeable and added bells accessories.

4. Signing the rental agreement

If you are renting a dress again there is a rental acceding that you charge to sign. In the arrangement the date of dress commitment and date of acknowledgment are additionally mentioned so that you accept no confusions.

Well aloft mentioned are some awful capital credibility that you charge to bethink while renting a bells dress.

Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

A belle epoque.

Sometimes, I feel like a very lucky girl. One of those times was Tuesday, when I got to loan wardrobe for a Twigs & Honey lookbook shoot. The day (sunny!), the setting (a secret garden all a-tumble with leaves and flowers), the style (I'm talking about you, Chelsea!)--everything came together in such a gorgeous way. Most of the photos will be under wraps for a bit, but I had to share this little golden girl. Gold lace and chiffon dress by me, peony garland by Chelsea Fuss, headpiece by Twigs & Honey. Model: Olivia Bee.