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Types of Wedding Rings

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Handmade Wedding Rings

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plain Gold Wedding rings

Jewelry Gold Models

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Most women like jewelry, but regularly do not buy it for themselves, as this is comfort. The right of jewelry as a gift may permit you to show how bottomless your love for that woman is.

Women love to wear jewelry and more they have in their gathering, the better. The choice is wide and includes jewelry, small piece of gold, silver, handmade or strange pieces jewelry, that really place out from others.

For the modern day woman'r best modern jewelry. You are buying modern jewelry made of gold or Diamond final happiness connected with modern design jewelry can make your day a woman.

Models for Engagement Rings

We shown Engagement ring models:

Engagement Ring Model-1:

Engagement Ring Model-2:

Engagement Ring Model-3:

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Engagement Ring Model-5:

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Metallic Wedding Cakes by SweetThings ByFi

We are delighted to welcome SweetThings ByFi to our blog to talk to us about the latest 2012 metallic wedding cake trends. 
Just like Wedding Trends, wedding cake designs are constantly changing.
Designs are heavily influenced by the fashion catwalk, wedding blogs and wedding magazines. Throughout 2011 there were many high profiled weddings, including the Royal weddings in the UK and Monaco, Supermodel Kate Moss, Pop singer Lily Allen and let’s not forget Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in the US. As a result, this has seen an increase in ornate piping and sugar flowers being incorporated into cake designs.

For many brides, 2012 is marking the end of the vintage trend and the beginning of glamorous decor with jewels and sparkles being incorporated into the cake designs, this is resulting in the rise of the ‘Couture’ style wedding cake.

This style of cake makes a strong statement by incorporating accents of the bride’s wedding dress, headpiece or jewellery. Our friends in the US have taken this one step further by introducing metallic wedding cakes which is taking the wedding world by storm for 2012.

We are seeing the use of shimmering tones of silver and gold’s combined with warm pastel or vibrant jewel colours.

When working with Reviva weddings, Laura and I often spend countless hours discussing the wedding designs we are working on together, and both of us are hugely excited about this trend and cannot wait for this to take off here in Spain!

Of course, it is imperative to ensure that your wedding cake design flows with the style or theme of your wedding not just the current wedding trends. For example, if you are getting married here in Spain and want a Spanish themed wedding, then perhaps you feel that a sparkling jewelled cake would not be suitable for your wedding. Thats ok! Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so it is vital that your cake design is perfect for your personal taste! Try decorative lacework and textured ruffles with accents of Spanish warm colours or flowers, what is important is that your wedding cake designer designs a cake that is classic and timeless for you.

At Sweet Things, our fashion concious brides are becoming more involved in the design process to create their perfect wedding day, this is resulting in some amazing wedding cake designs which we cannot wait to create!
But for now, here are some of our favourite metallic wedding cakes!
Design Sources from Pinterest and Martha Stewart

New Engagement Rings for a special couples

A Special New Engagement Ring

"This ring is so wonderfully done,” she said later. “Like all of Paul’s work, it is artfully designed and skillfully handcrafted. It is simply beautiful!"

Upper Valley Engagement Ring

An Upper Valley man came into Designer Gold one day. He had been to several other jewelry stores and couldn’t find what he was looking for: a platinum diamond ring with two blue sapphires. Sounds simple enough, but he didn’t want a standard 3-stone engagement ring.

Diamond wedding rings jewelry

Diamond wedding rings are an icon of true love and commitment. You can express your love for your loved ones by gifting precious metals such as platinum or palladium gold match with a sparkling diamond certificate.
Wedding rings bands or rings are included in the wedding ceremony by surprise and it sits on brides finger "than the engagement ring .Diamond wedding rings can be a suitable wedding set, but can also be a focus ring. I remember the wedding ring will be worn almost every day of your life and so they should be quality materials such as gold or platinum. Nowadays, even men's wedding rings are available for wedding day. There are so many men who enjoy wearing men's wedding ring, even though they may not show it.

 Diamond wedding rings jewelry

Diamond wedding engagement rings jewelry
Wedding engagement rings add a special significance for the time your wedding. This ring can be purchased whenever you want. The time depends on if you want to propose with the ring in your hand or your significant other choose ring. How much you spend depends on the budget, revenues and style. This ring comes in all styles. Opal rings, garnet and even pearls are viable alternatives. Heirlooms and antiques make great diamond wedding engagement ring

Designer Diamond Wedding Rings

Designer diamond wedding rings are different from those mass-produced by jewelers and are available to the public. Mass-produced rings are usually found in retail stores and shopping mall jewelry stores. There are some well known designers , Which are limited edition designer wedding rings. This ring will be unique, but will be very rare and in time will become a collectors item. Designer wedding rings are not expensive and the best place to buy is online. A great thing is many online retailers of designer jewelry wedding rings will create demand.

Diamond wedding rings jewelry

Diamond wedding rings are now made ​​of 9ct white gold , Palladium rings, and platinum rings. You can buy now rings through jewelry stores online. Diamond Wedding Rings Jewelry come in all shapes, sizes and designs.

9ct white gold rings

9ct white gold rings are a relatively new market plus wedding rings. Like white gold and platinum ring is relatively inexpensive compared to platinum rings. This is essentially an alloy of gold and at least one white metal e, such as magnesium, nickel and palladium. The purity of white gold is measured in carats, so a white gold 9c is extremely pure and very good quality.

Palladium Rings

Palladium is a chemical element with atomic number 46. It is a rare and brilliant silver-white metal and is often used to make wedding rings today. It comes under the platinum group . Wedding rings made from it are white as silver glow. Diamonds can be easily installed in palladium rings.

Platinum Rings

Platinum atomic number 78. It is widely used in jewelry-making these days. Wedding rings made of platinum rings are quiet expensive. They are more expensive than gold. Precious stones such as diamonds look great with these rings.

How to buy diamond wedding rings online?

Diamond wedding rings can now be bought online. You can completely customize rings. Order your rings will be given to you within the time provided. You can also choose from the number of stones available. For more information on this subject kindly search the net.

By buying a diamond wedding ring for your loved one will certainly keep them happy.

The Most Darling Wedding DIY Weekend Project

Oh goody, its nearly the weekend and I can't wait to get stuck into some DIY projects.  I'm loving this transferable chalkboard stencils all the way from Poppytalk.  They've used them as a decorating motif but I could see a little DIY hack wedding styles!  How about these as a table number motif for your reception? It's a perfectly refined look to add some character to your table.  Check out how to create your stencil here!

Spanish Wedding Inspiration

We are always looking for spanish wedding inspirations and just had to share this with you.  A Hip Hacienda wedding created by the hugely amazing Lisa Vorce.

I love the rustic qualities of this wedding, steering away from the conventional wedding furniture and chairs and using the dark woods combined with hessian textures and the terracotta containers.  One thing I think flags up in this delightful wedding is the attention to the stationery and the details, it is the use of the teal design on the chairs and churros bags that brings this wedding to life and of course we love the papel picado.

Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

 Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

Usually the Diamond Engagement Rings is made ​​of white precious metal, silver, gold or platinum, enhanced with a diamond stone. 

How many of us but they can afford to buy a diamond ring in these difficult times of recession? Given the overall state economy is desirable that money to be saved, even more because marriage is actually starting a new path in life.

A silver ring can be both a symbol and a side of the application process in marriage. Even the least dreamy of aspiration understand unspoken rule of a woman to receive an engagement ring with marriage proposal. Even the least sensitive response coveted gentleman will wait while you sit this gem on his lady fingers. It is known that silver jewelry is valuable and can be found at affordable prices.

A matchless silver diamond ring, encrusted with a special gem, is able to impress and delight recently engaged woman. It is innovative, colorful, charming, and particularly, without question, extremely practical. Maybe you want your girlfriend to get a piece of jewelry that looks like a diamond, at least by far. To do this you can choose a silver ring with a transparent. This stone is often used as a substitute for diamond, is elegant, bright and great. 

Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

A ring encrusted pearls and moonstone can also occur, the same apparent brightness and white clarity. If you want to get out of the ordinary, you can choose silver jewelry gemstone bold and very special. Quartz stone is often a wonderful selection and very appreciated. For those unconventional a silver ring with onyx stone can be strikingly dark and if she has a slightly reserved nature, a gem of blue topaz jewelry can mean splendid choice. Another option in choosing an engagement ring silver precious stone can be selected according to its mystical properties, which are reflected on the person you loved. 

For example Topaz promotes loyalty, and say awesome in silver mount, a stone that offers promise marital happiness is the best selection for beginning a life partner. Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Jewelries- Diamond Rings

Diamond Ring

Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Ear Ring

Men Diamond Ring

Blue Diamond Ring

Diamond rings & wedding rings Jewelry

Diamond Rings Wedding Rings Engagement Rings - There is something very special about the rings and most women appreciate from the moment they receive diamond engagement rings directly on their lives.

When you are buying your diamond ringsto suit your tastes woman, and you must also ensure that the ring havechosen for your wife is a reflection to show your love and commitment.You can use the diamond jewelry rings online sites for buying cheap engagement rings, which are not only fit your tastes and desires of your ladies rings, but also enough with your budget. Generally, Diamond use for wedding engagement ringsare very popular with couples, because diamonds are believed to be asymbol of true love. By presenting a diamond ring for your love to showhow much you love them and you're the only ones that are made for her.Engagement diamond wedding rings is a physical evidence of love and commitment between couples who are in love

Diamond rings a symbolism to express  the commitment to each other and how they want to spend the rest of their days together as lovers

Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings

Choose your wedding ring sets is the hardest part, but youshould get a ring in white gold or platinum? If you choose a band withinset diamonds on the sides, perhaps setting some diamond accents onthe side? My advice would be, just choose what you like and what youthink about your future fiancee, again, without sacrificing the qualityof your most important Rings  for  diamond engagement rings. White gold slightly cheaper, and it looks quite similar to platinum. white gold ringsshould be refinished or needs change yellow and platinum are polished,or it will lose its luster. Platinum is a heavy metal that will notwear as quickly, while the gold rings will become thinner with age.

makeityourring diamond engagement rings
Diamond ring are a girl's best friend! Did it once and it applies even today, especially fine jewelry rings belonging to the ideal of every woman. But not only women decorate their hands with the exclusive diamond engagement rings- now men have discovered the unique beauty of diamond rings forthemselves. The rings which is used is actually more important than youthought, because there dedication and love that is shared by the coupletogether, ladies rings would have represented worn by the woman forever. In various countries, men also wear a men ringsto signify that is engaged.

This ring exchange ceremony is taken veryseriously and has a very symbolic. If you are looking for an wedding engagement ring online, whether you are shopping alone or with your partner for the promise rings, there are few things that you want to use while you have your perfect diamond engagement rings. Just as the wedding ceremony itself, the choice of the wedding rings sets will be prepared carefully and with love. It should be everyone must decide for themselves what material the wedding ring.

The respective of wedding rings and diamond engagement ringsshould emphasize the personality of man and fit simultaneously to him,since personalized rings is usually worn for a lifetime and a constantcompanion. That is why many people choose marriage rather simple,timeless rings. In order to make custom rings for everyday use.

Buy Diamond Wedding Engagement Rings Jewelry Online
  • 1. Choosing metal for your Diamond Wedding Rings, It is very important that the right metal for your engagement ring. But before the Rings metal for your diamond engagement rings, you must keep your budget and preferences of your wife in the eye.  Buy cheap rings if your budget is low and you want to follow the tradition and you are looking for yellow gold rings for your engagement wedding bands,then you must remember that in general the engagement rings in 14K or18K gold.
    • 2. Settings Diamond Wedding Rings, If you choose the gold engagement rings for your wife then selecting an appropriate setting for your gemstone ringsis important. The setting is how the diamond is mounted on the ring.You can find a variety of settings in diamond rings and each settinghas its own look. But the most common setting for diamond ring is prongsetting. But if you're looking for something else then you can opt forbezel-go.
    • 3. Options for your Diamond Wedding Rings Ingeneral, the most common and popular diamond is round. But there aremany other options such as princess, heart, square and marquise. Youcan also cut Asscher and can make your heart ring a unique look. You buy your ring from the renowned jewelry rings store. You always have to buy your Wedding Rings and diamond ringfrom reputable jeweler.
    Diamond engagement rings,wedding rings
      Diamond engagement ringsare extremely beautiful gems on top of all the precious stones. Decadesago they were top class and only rich people in possession of becausethey were not affordable by ordinary people. Diamond ringshave love, commitment and performance symbolizes. Studdedwith precious stones of rings is the first choice for the modern couple who always engaged.

      If you are lookingfor a G.I.A Certified diamond rings at wholesale prices, do nothesitate to contact at Shiree Odizthe best diamonds store in the world, you can get exquisite collectionof unique designer diamond engagement ring setting designs for your personal thing.

      You can choosevaluable diamond rings, buy sensational jewelry and get the best price of your dream rings for your wedding diamond engagement rings

      It is OK - diamond wedding engagement rings

      Long or Short Wedding Dresses?

      I had a secret fascination with short wedding dresses when I was getting married - oh the irreverent freedom of a short dress!  They are so cute! So Fun! But of course tradition won out and I went with a long dress.  When else will I have an excuse to wear a beautiful white full length gown?  So I'm curious - which would you choose out of these beautiful Marchesa bridal gowns - long or short?

      Ombre for Weddings!

      We love this new trend called Ombre, a French term meaning shaded.

      It is popping up everywhere in wedding world.

      I did see a bit of this trend last year with bridesmaids dresses in different shades of one colour.  We are even seeing coloured wedding dresses this year and I have seen some die for evening dresses that I am secretly coveting :)!

      Ombre is a lovely idea and the cakes with this shaded design are gorgeous, even the insides are shaded layers which look divine and very eatable! 

      Whether your chosen colour palette is pink, purple, blues, yellows (a huge colour in fashion world too at the moment) this idea of applying different shades of one colour to your wedding details is definitely worth considering.

      Perhaps a cocktail going from dark to light, a cake or even this fabulous ribbon backdrop or your table centrepieces. 

      Ombre is going to be a big hit this year and we will see a lot more of this by the autumn.

      A Gorgeous Spanish Style Wedding

      I know I have posted about these wedding details before from Lisa Vorce, but I am so in love with the styling and the colours of this wedding I thought it would be lovely to share these gorgeous images with you again as for me personally they sum up such a beautifully styled Spanish theme.

      I love the use of the typical dark spanish woods, the lace details, even right down to the Spanish raffia mats on the tables.  Everything about this wedding makes me want to sigh heavily, I think the fact it is the whites and pinks also helps, as this for me sums up Andalucian white washed villages covered in pink bouganvilla.

      There are so many details too from the iron centrepieces, again typically spanish, to the vintage style matchboxes filled with sweets, the lace hankerchiefs and of course tequila (that I cannot drink to save my life!) and last but not least this lovely festooned burro.

      We have yet to be asked to find one for a wedding but I am sure after this post we will be!  But as always nothing is impossible!


      Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery

      Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery

      For love Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery is not only valuable but also makes a perfect gift for Makeityourring diamond engagement rings and any special occasion like engagement, birthday, Valentine's Day and the like. 

      Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery

      All diamond wedding sets jewelry collection is blessed as the beautiful diamond earrings and beautiful diamond rings. Simhlarly, special occasion like an engagement is blessed when it comes to a small jewel called diamond engagement ring. Diamond Jewellery is always in fashion and trend and attracts a large line of the fan. Diamond Rings makes quite a valuable fashion investment. You feel stylish, elegant and trendy, and there are studs on every woman's taste and personality. The best thing about diamond engagement rings style  is that they never go out of style and can be passed from generation to generation with great balance and grace.

      Diamond Rings Jewelry on the finger of a person in the form of a circle, again the most cherished moments of your life and refreshes the person is the engagement ring. Engagement is a time when two people decide to get married and the ring is the symbol of the decision. This rings is carried by women, but in some places even men wear. This ring was given for makeityourring diamond engagement rings to the individual by his life partner would be and that means commitment. According to custom it is the man who gives the diamond ring to the woman after marriage is completed in a grand ceremony in front of family and friends or at the time of the proposal as a sign of love.

      According to customs in general, the unique diamond engagement rings is worn on the left ring finger. This is due to a myth that the finger veins, which leads directly to the heart. Diamond rings like all other jewelry, but are made in different metals such as platinum, yellow gold and white gold. You can create different stones in engagement rings such as Ruby, sapphire, pearl and diamond. But diamond is the most popular among women these days. There are several brands that are specially designed by designer diamond engagement rings for both men and women at diamond stores. Certified diamonds can be purchased through wholesale jewelry buyers. However, to make sure you have a real diamond, the stone, turning into a mirror of any kind. If the diamond cuts do not matter, your Wedding Diamond Rings is not a real diamond.
      Why Women Love Gold Diamonds Engagement Rings

      Diamonds and Gold together or not to sell at a dime a dozen. These items is really an investment. The ability to hand-out costs for gold and diamonds is simply, to individuals, depicting the creation made: a mark of achievement. For example, influential Hollywood Grand arrivals to wear diamonds, gold and fine clothing.

      A woman with gold diamond  ring in a time is seen as more interesting. In the film with Marilyn Monroe "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Marilyn gives more than diamonds and gold ever was flashed on a woman. Men give women such a large heart shaped diamond to the woman and tell everyone he has tied a piece of art. If a woman has received a gift of diamonds and gold, it means very clearly to the woman, "I am loved." Where a person is their love for her means measurable.

      They are expressing their love tangible habit that promise their love. It is OK by Gold Wedding Diamond Rings Jewellery and makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

      Models of Diamond Engagement Rings

      • Regardless of its mixture Diamond Engagement Rings are beautiful and striking. Depending on your purpose, Diamond Engagement rings are always priceless and sentimental. 
      • Through the years, the use of Diamond Engagement rings has always been connected with weddings and engagements. And among so many types and kinds of Diamond Engagement rings that have emerge over time, one of most popular choices of brides and groom is golden and White Gold Diamond Engagement rings.
      • If you are already looking forward to wearing a valuable white gold diamond engagement ring on your finger, then you might as well do a little investigate about it before finally purchasing it. has a huge collection of Diamond Engagement Rings. Being a Manufacturer of high quality diamond jewelry, we can hit most of the competition, and serve you with most competitive pricing and offer wide variety for your Diamond Engagement Ring.