Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

The English Dept. gets its picture taken.

Photographer Leah Verwey takes bewitching photos of creative work spaces around Portland for her beautiful site, Spacepdx. I have had a crush on Spacepdx for quite a while, and the universe must have heard my secret plea, because Leah and her camera came to visit us recently. For a glimpse into our daily workings, go here.

Summer is Coming and so are our Weddings!

We have had a gloriously sunny day here today which makes me think of summer and we are very excited about our up and coming weddings.

We did have our first wedding last weekend and have since had a lovely email from our bride, who BTW did a fabulous dance up the aisle!

Here is what Heather Jean sent us before she left for her honeymoon which I understand is going to last at least a year and she is planning lots of lovely weekends away!

Dear Laura

Thank you for everything, our decorations looked amazing, you and your girls did a fantastic job and please also thank Loraine for our beautiful, stunning wedding flowers, I am still looking at them as I type this and they are drying out ready for the album.

Big Hugs Heather Jean and Christian

With summer around the corner in mind, check out this gorgeous photo shoot on Style me Pretty by Heather Ham using the very popular and summery colour combo of hot pinks and turquoises with of course all the wonderful details that I so rave about and toil over ;)

It is well worth heading over to see the entire shoot which comprised of a photo booth, drinks station, cake table and entrance table, in fact I do wonder at times where the endless list at weddings will stop, luckily we seem to have one but can never resist a candy or cocktail bar, it is a decorating heaven for me!

Also talking of photo booths, we are of course trying to drag Spain into the 21st century of weddings and doing rather well to be honest but you must watch this space as we shortly announce a very exciting new product here on the Coast, which is of course a photo booth with props :)

I cannot wait to get in it with my false moustache ;)! It is cool, easily set up, fabulous photos and photographer so cannot go wrong, I cannot wait!

In fact I can feel a prop shop coming on! Photo booth sign to start with followed closely by strange feather boas, silly hats and dare to think what else will follow!

We will post more news about this shortly!

Wine country wedding, East coast style.

Jamie wore my one of a kind gown, "Sakura," and one of my ruffle shrugs to her wedding at a winery in New Jersey. Great photos by Alyssa Andrew.

Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Thank you, San Francisco.

Thank you to everyone who came out for our SF trunk show last weekend! It was such a pleasure to meet all you cool ladies, and see you jump into some dresses. To stay up to date on events and find out where I'll be next, join The English Dept. mailing list.

Giselle in Manchester.

Love these shots of Mel's wedding in Manchester, England, as seen on Annabel's blog. Photos by Lillian and Leonard.

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

POSH GRAFFITI Letters and Hearts at Reviva

Image courtesy of Jeremy Standley

Reviva are delighted to now stock POSH Graffiti by Emma Readnett Bayley.

Spell out your romance with these stylish white Love Letters, hang them up at your wedding or place a message on your cake table and then take them home and proudly display your love for each other on your walls!

The beautifully boxed sets of LOVE and MR & MRS would make an ideal wedding or anniversary present and there are some cute hearts ready to hang at your wedding or home.

If you have a special word or initials you would like to order as a gift or for your home, pop into see us or call 618 021 172 or email us your order laura@reviva-weddings.com.

Please do note if you have a special order you must allow time for delivery to the shop.

IVOIRE Range - Long Sleeve Tule Satin Gown With Corded Lace

IVOIRE Range - Long Sleeve Organza Gown with Silver Thread Lace

Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Dreamy and Romantic Shades of Purples

Sunday mornings are never complete without some relaxing inspiration hunting and this morning is no exception as I travelled over to Wedding Chicks to find this dreamy, romantic table setting.

Lilac goes hand in hand with romance and is such a pretty, gentle colour. The soft purples, dreamy mauves and crisp whites makes me think of spring and garden weddings.

There are so many gorgeous flowers to use from the fabulous large hydrangea heads to the divine smell of lilac, mixed with cool water roses, fluffy white peonies and freesias, a glorious array of flowers.

I love all the details on this photo shoot from the cake pops to the simple cut glass votives with a cool water rose popped into each one and those deserts look heavenly!

Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

If you're going to San Francisco...

...we're having a lovely trunk show this weekend. Lots of pretty new pieces to show you, as well as my complete 2011 collection. Come say hello!

Diamond Heart Pendant

Flowers and chocolates are good Valentine’s Day stand-by, but when you are looking for something a little more lasting and special, a diamond heart pendant might be just the thing for you. Valentine’s Day can prove to be one of the most difficult holidays for gift shopping, because the gift you give on this special day is supposed to reflect all the love you feel for the recipient. And when you really love someone, that is one tall order to fill! With many styles and sizes, there is sure to be a diamond heart pendant out there that expresses your unique love.

For thousands of years, people the world over have set aside February 14th as a day to appreciate the loved ones in their lives, and while the exact origins of the holiday may always be a mystery, the spirit of the celebration is not. Dating back to approximately 270 A.D., St. Valentine’s Day is said to commemorate the compassion of a saint who preformed outlawed marriages in secret during the last years of the Roman Empire. Do not keep your love a secret – express it with a diamond heart pendant!

Nothing shows your love better than the classic symbol of love set into a stunning piece of jewelry. Even more mysterious and ancient than the origins of Valentine’s Day, are the origins of the heart as a symbol for love. Some experts believe it started with a now-extinct plant which produced heart-shaped seeds that were used as a contraceptive. Others attribute it to the ancient Egyptians. Whatever its origin, you can give a heart as a symbol of your own love with a diamond heart pendant necklace.

Diamond exudes perfection, it dazzles the eyes with its sparkle, and it represents timeless quality, beauty and most importantly, love. There is simply no better way to convey the fact of your endless love than by giving diamond. A diamond heart pendant can be worn around the neck from a silver chain or a piece of satin rope. They come in many different styles and sizes, from an over-sized, show-stopping piece, to a small, discrete locket. They can include personal touches like the recipient’s birthstone.

Do not be caught with a sub par gift this Valentine’s Day. Show the special person in your life how much they mean to you by giving a gift she will keep forever. A diamond heart locket with the picture of both of you in the locket, or a diamond “I love you” and rose heart locket with chain will always remind her how special she is and how much she is loved. Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

A Storyville story.

April wore my Storyville Suite, a three piece ensemble. Silk duchess satin minidress with two convertible skirts--a blush-colored tulle ball skirt and a melon green silk organza mini. The perfect solution to the long-or-short-dress dilemma...

Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Forget the cupcakes and Macaroons! Here come the Jellies!

I have always loved the simplicity of jelly and have been an avid fan of this gorgeous wobbly stuff since I was tiny so you can imagine my delight when I read about Bombas and Parr and I love the quirky jellies created by these culinary whizzkids.
They are bringing the light hearted touch of kids nostalgia to the grown up world and these jelly towers made with these gorgeously coloured jellies in all shapes and sizes are just such a new and fun idea.
These jellies are served in mind boggling flavours such as lemonade, strawberry and raspberry and blackcurrant and berries, how refreshing for a hot summer wedding served with some ice-cream. More exotic flavours include Prosecco and Gold, Glow in the Dark, Flaming and Striped Clementine, I wish I had known about these when we were creating our fire and ice party last year, they would have been the WOW factor for the night!
I do think we are going to see some very creative ideas this year as retro jellies join balloons in making a comeback to weddings!
I have no doubt all the hotels and caterers here are now beginning to dread my next foodie idea blogposts, sorry guys! :)

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Mercedes Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia

Mercedes Benz Mobil Mewah terbaik Indonesia yang keren dan beken, Top habis pokoknya. Mobil Mewah impian kawula muda yang ingin sukses dengan mendapatkan isteri yang cantik dan bahenol sekaligus mobil Mercedes. Woi !makeityourring diamond engagement rings

 PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia meluncurkan sedan premium sport performa tinggi Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG bersamaan dengan diperkenalkannya varian model terbaru C 300 Avantgarde dan E 300 Avantgarde. Ketiga model sedan paling hangat di pasar nasional ini dapat dibeli konsumen Indonesia mulai Mei 2010 di seluruh jaringan resmi penjualan Mercedes Benz Mobil Mewah terbaik Indonesia di Tanah Air.Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG terbaru muncul sebagai produk Completely Built-Up (CBU) yang diimpor langsung dari Jerman. Sementara Mercedes-Benz C 300 Avantgarde dan E 300 Avantgarde terbaru hadir sebagai produk produksi lokal dengan pabrik perakitan di Wanaherang, Jawa Barat.  Secara teknis, kedua produk sedan mewah ini telah disesuaikan dengan kondisi iklim di Indonesia serta memenuhi tuntutan selera konsumen sedan premium di seluruh dunia.

Mercedes-Benz C300 Avantgarde dipasarkan dengan harga Rp 709.000.000,- (off the road),  E300 Avantgarde Rp,- (off the road), dan E63 AMG Rp 1.939.000.000,- (off the road).
Penjualan C 300 Avantgarde akan melengkapi varian model C 200 CGI Classic, C 200 CGI Avantgarde, C 250 CGI Avangarde / AMG dan yang telah hadir lebih dahulu. Semua konsumen sedan C-Class akan memiliki 4 pilihan secara keseluruhan. Sedangkan munculnya E 300 Avantgarde akan menemani model varian E 200 CGI, E 250 CGI Elegance, E 250 CGI Avantgarde, dan E 300Elegance.

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, “Peluncuran varian C 300 Avantgarde dan E 300 Avantgarde merupakan jawaban kami atas apresiasi yang tinggi konsumen Indonesia terhadap sedan-sedan Mercedes Benz Mobil Mewah terbaik Indonesia. Sudah menjadi tradisi Mercedes-Benz memberikan yang terbaik bagi seluruh konsumennya. Varian Avantgarde kami luncurkan agar konsumen di Indonesia bisa memilih model yang sesuai dengan seleranya,” kata Presiden & CEO PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Rudi Borgenheimer. just supoort makeityourring diamond engagement rings

Mercedes benz mobil mewah indonesia

  pic# 226028
Mercedes benz mobil mewah indonesia segmen pasar di India adalah salah satu yang tercepat di Asia dan pada kenyataannya kedua hanya untuk China sekarang menurut pakar industri.Pasar mobil mewah telah didominasi kebanyakan oleh tiga merek mewah Jerman: Mercedes-Benz, BMW dan Audi. Sementara Mercedes-Benz adalah pemain pertama yang tiba di pantai ini, BMW telah memperoleh di atas angin dalam beberapa tahun terakhir dan telah dilaporkan bahwa untuk mendapatkan kembali tanah yang hilang, Mercedes diatur untuk melepaskan perang harga di dalam mobil mewah pasar. Menurut laporan The Times of India, pembuat mobil Jerman berencana untuk mengemudi di generasi baru A dan B-Class ke India, yang akan kisaran harga di bawah C-Class entry-level.

Mercedes benz mobil mewah indonesia

Publik Inggris telah berbicara (baik 2.000 dari kita memiliki) dan bukannya mengeluh dan merasa sulit dilakukan oleh, kita `ve telah memuji perusahaan yang memberikan pelayanan terbaik kami dan pengalaman.Konsumen Superbrands survei tahunan sekarang di tahun ke-12 dan dikelola secara mandiri oleh Pusat Analisis Merek. Stephen Cheliotis, 
Ketua Dewan Ahli & CEO center ini menyatakan "Mercedes-Benz telah memiliki kinerja yang kuat selama lima tahun terakhir yang telah di sepuluh besar sejak tahun 2006, sehingga bagus untuk melihat merek akhirnya keluar di atas terutama di ulang tahun ke-125 mereka. "  

Dua pendatang baru ke sepuluh besar juga produsen mobil; BMW di nomor tujuh dan Jaguar di nomor sepuluh.Google dan Microsoft memiliki keduanya tergelincir ke bawah tahun ini peringkat Namun, ke tempat kelima dan keenam. 2011 telah menjadi tahun pertama dalam lima bahwa salah satu dari mereka hasn `t berada di tempat nomor satu. Kedua perusahaan Inggris yang tampaknya mendapatkan tongkat paling dari konsumen; British Airways dan BBC juga tetap dalam sepuluh besar meskipun pemogokan dan perilaku buruk oleh presenter. Tampaknya kita harus memiliki hubungan cinta-benci dengan mereka.Mercedes benz mobil mewah indonesia

Macaroons or Cupcakes?!

Wedding world is in turmoil as the once humble but gorgeous Macaroon is overshadowing our favourite cupcake!
Sex and the City started the cupcake boom but Gossip Girl has fetishized the humble macaroon, with Starbucks recently carrying a limited edition of macaroons, it seems the little french confections are everywhere!

And how delightful they are too with these gorgeous sorbet colours presented in delightful boxes. They are certainly becoming a popular choice for weddings this year, although I have yet to see them at one of our weddings but working on this one and need to find a supplier here in Spain that makes them, as they will make a wonderful addition to a candy desert table.

My 'thing' though is the packaging as always, to have these macaroons presented in to die for gorgeous boxes tied with some fabulous ribbons and I would be in heaven if presented with one of these at a wedding!

Whilst I blog away you must visit some sites I found today, Bobette & Belle and La Duree, well worth heading over to take a look

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

insure your engagement ring

There are a few ways to insure your engagement ring. Ring insurance can be purchased as an extension (also called a "rider") for your renters' or homeowners' policy. Renters' and homeowners' policies cover the stuff in your home, but only up to a certain dollar value: Expensive, special items like engagement rings, art, and electronics are guaranteed through scheduled personal property coverage -- an insurance policy extension that covers particular items. Another option is to insure your ring through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance, which might offer more coverage than a standard homeowners' policy (replacing a lost or stolen ring rather than paying a set amount of cash, for instance).
All those wedding presents drastically increase the dollar value of your stuff. Make sure to adjust your homeowners' or renters' coverage to reflect that!

Who Needs It Most:

Any couple with jewelry that has high material or sentimental value -- whether your wedding and engagement rings cost $500 or $50,000, an insurance policy is a way of honoring not just their financial value but what they represent. The sentiment behind your rings is priceless, but the rings themselves can be replaced -- if they're insured -- in the event that something happens to them.

What to Know About How It Works:

You'll need to provide your receipts, as well as an appraisal (which costs a small fee; you can get an appraisal from a certified gemologist). And remember: If you move after the wedding, make sure your "ring rider" follows you. Some couples have the ring insured at the bride's house (or her parents') before the wedding, but forget to add it to the policy for their new home when they move in together.

If you don't have a renters' or homeowners' policy, there is an alternative way to insure your diamond ring: Certain insurance companies offer policies through jewelers on individual pieces -- ask your jeweler if they work with an insurance company to offer ring insurance. These kinds of policies can vary widely company by company (usually a jeweler will offer a policy that's underwritten by smaller company), so ask specific questions about the level of coverage provided.

Questions To Ask Before You Choose a Policy:

  • Is the ring covered if you lose it accidentally, or only if it's stolen?
  • How will the company replace the ring -- with a check? Or will they require you to purchase a replacement through a specified jeweler?
  • What if it's a vintage ring or other unique piece? How will the quality and size of your diamond -- and that of a replacement if needed -- be documented?
  • Is the ring insured to full cost or a fraction of it?
  • How will you need to prove the ring vanished if you make a claim?
  • Are there any circumstances that aren't covered? (What if your ring flies off at the circus and gets trampled by elephants, for example?)

Average Cost:

The yearly cost to insure your ring is $1 to $2 for every $100 that it would cost to replace. In plain English, this means that if your ring would cost $9,000 to replace, you might expect to pay between $90 and $180 per year to insure it -- or slightly more in cities where the risk of theft is higher.

How To Get Your Cost Down:

Buy a vault or safe to keep jewelry in when it's not being worn. (You can also keep paperwork like appraisals in the safe, so you'll always know where it is if needed.)

Amazing Wedding Cakes returns!!

Because we know you probably love wedding cake just as much as we do (appreciating their beauty AND eating it, of course!)… We thought we should give you a little heads up on the fast-approaching premiere of Amazing Wedding Cakes! Get your DVRs and TiVo’s ready… the 4th season debuts March 27th at 9pm on WeTV-- we can’t wait!

Three new bakeries as well as one returning favorite will be partaking in the baking madness, as they create some of the most jaw-dropping cakes ever imagined! Oh how we wish we could be on that judging panel…

~Here are some faves from past seasons!~

{Merci Beaucoup}


{Merci Beaucoup}

{Christopher Garren's Cakes}