Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Engaging: Audrey + Mike

Audrey + Mike's engagements got featured on The Bride's Cafe last week & we are thrilled to share them here too!

We recently wrapped up a site walk through with this lovely couple, which always gets us even more excited for the upcoming wedding!! Plus, just being around our couples reminds us of how amazing they are!! Audrey is just the sweetest bride you can ask for and Mike is hilarious! Love his sense of humor-- they balance each other perfectly!

Awwww.......We always appreciate some good puppy love!!

How sweet! Adore this last shot! Betwixt did an amazing job capturing the modern & urban vibe that Audrey & Mike wanted, which will definitely be present during their July wedding downtown at the Culy Warehouse! And there may be a little bit of sparkle....who doesn't love sparkle?

A Wedding Table Extravaganza

Eeeeeeep. There are so many fabulous elements to this Wednesday Inc wedding shoot for Ruffled. I'm going to go with Feminine Industrial in describing this look. Antlers, Twine and glass mixed with candles and hand crafted elements give this celebration an amazingly magic feel. Did you know the balls hanging above the table are hand made? Oh yes! Take twine, wrap around a balloon and then cornstarch like mad.

Source: Ruffled