Jumat, 14 Maret 2008

Biznagas in Malaga for weddings

Images from www.biznagas.com
The biznaga is a symbol associated with Malaga, Andalucia. It is made by taking the separate flower heads off jasmine plants in placing them onto a natural spike head.
Thanks to the legacy of the Arabs, and the mild climate, jasmine is abundant in Southern Spain and it is rare that a house with a garden, courtyard, or a balcony, does not have jasmine to decorate and perfume the surroundings.
Wedding shops in Malaga and southern Spain sell biznaga gifts for the wedding guests http://www.joyeriahago.com/
and many brides give them as a souvenir of the wedding.

When the guests arrive at the wedding, the biznaguero gives one biznaga to each lady
as a reception detail and you can imagine, dining in the open air on a hot spanish night with the smell of jasmine is an amazing experience.

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