Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

The Before Picture

I'm making a dress that employs a technique I haven't used for a long time. Once upon a time, I used to take vintage wedding gowns, dye and dismantle them, and create new dresses. Many discarded bridal gowns were originally made for people much, much smaller than the average modern girl. They also tend to be high-necked, high-waisted, long sleeved, and otherwise straitjacket-esque. So making a new dress means simultaneously sculpting and stripping down. This "before" picture is for a maid of honor dress that will be resurrected from this lace and silk organza '60s wedding gown.

It was inspired by this dress, which my client saw in my portfolio:Next steps: removing the sleeves, dropping the neckline, and hacking off the train. Then I'll rebuild the skirt, create a new waistline, refashion the bodice from "size Tiny" to "size Normal," create room in the back for a new zipper, and...after that I'm not sure. The thrilling (terrifying) thing about designing this way is that there can't be a plan...the dress evolves. I'll post an "After" picture and then we shall see.

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