Minggu, 15 Juni 2008

Butterfly Ball Puente Romano

The Butterfly Ball is a charity event held in Marbella every year in order to raise money for the Daniel Rhys Trust. Having tragically lost both their children to Late-Infantile Batten's Disease, Barry and Carmen Daniels created the Rhys Daniels Trust, which provides much needed accommodation for families of very sick and sometimes terminally ill children when they are in hospital and a long way from home.

This event is becoming more and more popular every year and now raises in excess of £125K, Reviva Weddings were delighted to donate decorations to this event this year.
We worked with Patti the organiser and Lorna at Deseos to create a beautiful fuchsia and turquoise butterfly theme and Reviva Weddings supplied nearly 400 beautifully decorated napkins and fuchsia and turquoise butterfly table confetti to compliment Lorna's fabulous floral table arrangements.

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