Jumat, 08 Agustus 2008

SO much harder than it looks.

Coco + Kelley is hosting a "wedding inspiration board" contest, in which you design the look of a wedding based on one of 36 photos of interiors (you can see all the choices here). Normally I'm more bridal blog voyeur than participant, but I was intrigued and decided to go for it. Here's the interior I chose:
This room is very much my taste--organic-modern, lots of neutral, natural materials, shades of grey and gold, monochrome prints, the rhythmic repetition of simple shapes. I thought that choosing the room most like my own home would make designing a wedding easy. I also thought that since the room is so non-fluffy, even mannish, making it "wedding-y" would be a cool creative challenge. But after spending a shocking amount of time prowling the web for wedding inspiration, I have to stop myself and return to work. Here is my board:
Credits: Angel Sanchez gown and matchstick cake via Martha Stewart, flowers and place cards via Bride's Cafe, birch ring pillow via Etsy, shoes by Miu Miu, plaid bridesmaid dress by Luisa Beccaria via Style.com, flower plate via {this is glamorous}, outdoor seating photo from Soirée Charleston, stone candle by Cox & Cox, Hazelnut Vodka by Integrity Spirits, layer cake slices via Nordljus.

I tried to respect the color palette, and introduce natural substances--wood, stone, leather--into the wedding without it coming across too clunky or earthy. I love the vertical striping in both the wedding gown and the cake--that was my favorite touch. But I couldn't warm up to introducing palm leaves, like the potted palm in the corner of the room--I've never been a fan of tropicals. I think/hope the bouquet of succulents gives the same verdant, non-floral effect. This was a great project--I really had to "dig in" to my own sense of style. It also made me realize that my style has a feminine side...I love ruffles, glitz, and pink too (I was starved for them after trolling the web for earth tones)! I may need to do another board based on this room...but only after I get a little work done...

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