Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

Lemon yellow weddings

lemon board, many photos from, The Knot and Reviva Weddings online shop

Board from

Color trends for weddings are continually changing. As we start designing our weddings for 2009 yellow certainly seems to be one of favourite colours for next year.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and brings feelings of warmth and happiness to those who view it or wear it. When used alone, yellow makes an impact, when used as an accent; it compliments many other colors very nicely such as celadon, aqua, grey, particuarly dramatic with black and of couse the opposite of the colour wheel the mauves. Pale yellows are great for spring weddings, lemon yellows give a citrus punch to summer weddings and deep mustards are beautiful for fall and winter weddings.

We hope these boards will inspire the yellow brides out there for next year!

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