Jumat, 05 Desember 2008

Cupcakes in Marbella

Memories haunt me and I will never forget going into a very tempting spanish bakery about ten years ago, one rainy afternoon, with my husband and greedily buying a whole bag of what looked like delicious cakes, only to get home and be overwhelmed with the taste of cinnamon. I so remember the disappointment.

The cupcake trend is new here in Spain and after much investigating in 2008 (and testing!) we have joined up with a wonderful cake maker here in Marbella who can create beautiful cupcakes rather than the dubious spanish versions, forgive me! Here are some images of her cakes from a wedding in September, they were lovely, cake toppers available from our online shop. We will also be stocking filigree cupcakes holders and matching confetti cones in our new online store, for more information please email us.

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