Senin, 23 Maret 2009

More Inspiration boards for Marbella brides!

Here are two boards we have created this week for our Spanish brides.
The first one is for Natalie, our Marbella garden wedding theme with Bali umbrellas, yes I am buying some this week as Natalie tells me there is a wonderful shop in Marbella selling them so hot footing it there! Natalie sent me some wonderful images of white buckets filled with daisies which has become one of our favorites for this year.
The second board is for Natasha who is getting married at the La Posada Del Torcal this July, a wonderful wedding we are looking forward to with a military guard of honour at the Antequera church followed by a Zoroastrian blessing at the venue, so exciting and we are going ice aqua, lovely :)

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