Jumat, 04 September 2009

For the lady behind the lens.

Lisa Warninger is my clothing's favorite photographer. When we worked together on a shoot back in the spring, Lisa admired my Oysters & Pearls dress (it admired her right back). I told her, "I'll make you one!" Many months later that cavalier (but sincere!) promise has come to fruition. Lisa let me choose the color, but I had the hardest time fastening on the moody, muted, old-rose-shot-with-chocolate color I was thinking. I told her I wanted it to have a spooky, last-night-at-the-carnival 1909 feel. I dyed and redyed the dress once, twice, three times. Then finally, I finished it. Finally. I'm just wearing it temporarily--I hope to get that girl in front of the camera for some real glamour shots.

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