Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

Anniversary Ideas

Yesterday it was my good friend Monnie and Jedgie's 1 year wedding anniversary, they had a great time surprising each other with gift, but it got me thinking. What do you get someone?.Bird and Banner did a post on the Design Sponge Guest Blog looking at special anniversary presents, here's a recap.

Year 1 - Paper. Paper sounds like an easy one to me, Here one clever lady made these heart garlands out of her left over wedding invitations. Or what about a piece of art combining each of your thumbprints

Year 2 - Cotton - So how about a beautiful vintage hankerchief with a personalised message, like these? Or what about a special tag sewn into a favourite piece of clothing.

Year 3 - Leather. What about a hard back leather bound copy of a favourite book? Or splurge and get a piece of leather furniture? The big A would especially like this

Year 4 - Fruit and Flowers. Hmmmm so you could make baked goods with fruit, cherry pie anyone? Or perhaps a bottle of wine with a custom made label.

Year 5 - Wood. There are some cute ideas here, I love the idea of pencils with a special message or what about carving a tree with your initials?

Year 10 - Tin or Aluminium. Cookies baked in a tin case could be a good idea, or perhaps some special balloons.

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