Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Vintage Style Weddings

As we lead up to the opening of our new venture (shop) here with Loraine at Earthscent, I am looking for french vintage style inspiration, truly romantic garden tea party settings.
I always think the perfect wedding flower is the peony and we have found these fabulous images again on Once Wed using these lovely 'fabulous fat' flowers, if ever there was a source of Inspiration it is this website, it is truly amazing! I have spent hours on there today :)
Photo frames on tables to either write messages for your guests or displays for table numbers is a definite must for 2010, plus the use of bunting, definitely a cheaper way of creating a festive party feel.
Paper love heart confetti, the old fashioned horse shoe confetti in pastels is back, so much and such fun to think about, but goodness how I am busy!

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