Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

We'd like to thank the academy.

So many talented people helped us put on our fashion show, and it's time for a shout out! The lovely hair styling was done by Salon 220, makeup was by Madi Cosmetics, flowers by Ink & Peat, photography by the incredible Lisa Warninger. Some very special hats and headpieces came from Pinkham Millinery. Additional dress embellishments and headpieces by Twigs & Honey (we at the English Dept. worked up a few, too). Our generous host for the event was the Ace Hotel. Incredible smoked-salt-lavender chocolates were courtesy of Neopolitan Printing. Canoe offered bridal registry (check it out, ladies). Thank you, also, to everyone who attended--it was an honor to show off our party dresses for you! A complete slide show of the show can be seen here.

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