Selasa, 21 September 2010

A Beautiful Wedding at the Hacienda de San Rafael

We posted our testimonial from Claire yesterday, but today we were able to go onto the link to see the photos of this beautifully designed wedding we had created for Claire. 

I think what is slightly unusual, but does happen to use quite a lot, is that we did not meet Claire prior to this wedding, we did everything via email to envisage the style, the look, etc, although we did make a mad dash to the venue shortly before the wedding as I hate decorating a venue without seeing it beforehand.

The wedding was held in the stunning Hacienda de San Rafael, just outside of Seville, with a church ceremony at a very impressive church in the centre of Cabezas de San Juan.

 It would be difficult here to ignore the fabulous vibrant pinks of the bouganvilla at the Hacienda so Claire had decided to use this to compliment the wedding design. 
Claire's bridal flowers were a beautiful shade of pink, and we used dolce vita roses which were huge, the bridal bouquet was really quite heavy!

We then added in all the details from the decorated cava bottles at the church for the guests to enjoy on the coaches back to the venue, to the fans at the church which were very useful given it was 48 degrees and some fun confetti cones for the guests to throw when the bridal party came back to the Hacienda.

Once back at this amazing venue for the dinner, we had decorated it with lots of fairy lights and our famous lantern and candles to add that romantic feel to the evening.

We loved Claire's photos which she had sent me before the day and we hung them along a washing line between some lemon trees by the bar.

I think from these fabulous photos by Jeremy Enness you can see the style and creativity we managed to create via email for a very beautifully designed and hot day!

We created another wedding here one week later for Imogen, and are dying to see the photos, as this was a very different style wedding with the ceremony at the venue, navy bridesmaids with a very vintage style to the flowers and decorations using sahara roses and golds.

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