Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

An Idyllic Wedding in Ronda

I met Andrew earlier this year when he was organising and designing his fabulous wedding to Rafa in June of this year.  I desperately wanted to be at his wedding but had already been booked for one of my busiest weekends here in Marbella, my hands were tied and there was no foreseeable way I could get to Ronda for the day, albeit I did many times look at my diary and try to reshuffle the weekend, it was not happening.

However we met, planned, chatted, had lots of inspirations and I dragged Andrew to my candle warehouse and he dragged me to the most fabulous tapas bar I have ever been to and we drank lots of champagne and created the dream day albeit I had bought my sister along and goodness knows we could not get a word in edgeways!!  Another story but my sister is definitely worth her weight in gold for a rent a friend :)

Andrew, is for me, an awesomely inspiring man, with a huge zest for life that is completely contagious and there are times when you meet certain people that they bring an enthusiam into you life and make you see things with different eyes, Andrew did just that for me and it has been a pleasure to meet him and subsequently work with him.

Andrew and Rafa had a wonderful wedding day shared with their closest family and friends with their beautiful Andalucian slightly bohemian style wedding.  The Hand of Fatima was used as a theme and lots of shabby chic styling with fabulous long tables styled with country style arrangements and coloured glass and candles, my favourite style:)  I am addicted to coloured glass and always have been!

Andrew has a fabulous blog about living here in Andalucia and tells it as it is.  He is a man of impeccable taste with style and food and he even goes out cycling with hangovers, which is something I would never even consider!  Andrew's blog is well worth a visit for anyone who is considering visiting or travelling around Southern Spain.

 His wonderful diary of life here and his travels are detailed on this fabulous blog,
 the Andalucia Diary 

Our congratulations to Andrew and Rafa and hope to see you both soon!:)

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