Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Christmas Week

This time of year is a time for reflection, enjoying family and friends and thinking about achievements, what we can do better to improve ourselves and preparing for another year.

For me starting my own business has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done (apart from having my three beautiful daughters of course!).
Creating a dream and making it a reality is the most satisfying feeling and I am so passionate about what I do that working is enjoyable for me, it does not feel like work, it is a hobby and a lifestyle, which I think is hugely important to create a successful business as you eat, live, breath and sleep it!

Everyone has a story and mine is no different and I did lose faith in having friends, but what I have realised over the past year in particular, is the lifestyle I have created for myself has introduced me to some wonderful people, and now I realise I have created a network of friends that I value enormously.
I thought I would share some of my days with you now to see what we get up to when we are not busy creating our wonderful weddings and parties.

Today I spent a morning surfing some fabulous blogs, gaining inspirations and ideas for next year's weddings. I then popped down to the shop this afternoon to see Loraine and Anoulka so I decided to take my camera with me and take some photos. Here are some photos of the shop in it's full Christmas glory and Loraine and Anoulka working hard creating fabulous Christmas bouquets, arrangements and decorations, I am the lazy one sitting on a chair with a coffee :)

I have also taken a photo below of my beautiful Christmas chocolate cake delivered to me a few days ago by Fi, our crazy and hugely talented cake maker, she has created a birdcage for me which I love and don't really want to eat but I will succumb shortly!

I then popped round to see Heather, the owner of Fiestasol, for a cup of tea and homemade biscuits at her lovely cosy home as she was housebound with her beautifully cuddly children and I wanted to deliver a Christmas card and also took her a lovely festive bouquet from the shop for her to enjoy.

Sometimes a working mum's life can be hard so I always think that the mum's need to be spoilt for once! Although of course Heather is very lucky to be married to a superb chef who has taken over the kitchen for Christmas with huge enthusiasm whilst I am still checking off my to do shopping lists!!
All I can say is if anyone out there is considering starting up their own business, just go for it, you have to be passionate about what you do and be prepared to work hours that no one else would even consider but it is so rewarding to create a lifestyle and meet hugely talented and interesting people that otherwise you would never have crossed paths with.

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