Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Fabulous Classical Vocalist for Weddings

I decided a while back that I was embarrassed by my lack of Spanish, I know all the words, most of the verbs, plus all the rules about masculine, feminine, los, las, etc but can I string a sentence together, well no, unless I have had about 5 vodkas and inhibitions go out the door, which is rare! So I decided to make a New Year's resolution to start Spanish lessons again.

However, I am half deaf, so a class, as I did last year just does not work for me, so having been investigating I am recommended a fabulous teacher called Amanda.

I cannot even remember who recommended Amanda to me but we met up for a coffee and hit it off instantly and it turned out she is also a most talented, beautiful classical singer (as well as being able to put on some fabulous more upbeat entertainment!)

Little did I know that this amazingly talented lady is not just the best Spanish teacher (I now have lessons twice a week with her and love them) but she also possesses the most glorious voice and sings some hugely emotional arias and melodies for ceremonies, can bring down a crowd with a storm for more funky stuff and has recently been recording some wonderful spanish flamenco repetoires with our favorite spanish guitarist Matt McGuirk.

I have to admit not being even able to croak, I sound worse than a frog! I am hugely in awe of anyone that can sing and as beautifully as Amanda, it really is quite haunting to listen to her angelic voice and brings tears to my eyes. If you need a classical singer for your wedding Amanda is definitely the one to contact, she has some fabulous new ideas, is willing to learn new songs despite already having a very extensive repetoire and has been established down here for over 15 years singing for weddings, parties and corporate events.

You must take a peek at her website for more information.

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