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Engagement ring

Choose the engagement ring - Are you sure you will say YES! It is your choice for the future, one woman turned next to you see and with whom you want to spend their whole lives to raise children and have some of the best moments.
 You should choose the engagement ring, you'll give when you ask her hand. How do you do, it's up to you but, remember, just as important as the way in which you ask is the ring, piece of jewelery that your future bride to wear a welcome sign of appreciation of your union and the love you have for each other.
The history of diamond engagement rings is quite long. It seems that the first diamond given as a symbol of love was one that Maximilian I of Austria gave his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477. For centuries, diamond engagement rings have become a symbol of true love, although, not infrequently, a precious ring followed his scandalous stories or stormy divorce.

However, their myth is still present, if we think they are still feeling small precious objects when they are worn by famous women who have created trends. Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip received a diamond engagement ring had taken the crown of his mother. Grace Kelly to Prince Rainer received an engagement ring with an emerald of 12 carats.

Princess Diana's engagement ring


Princess Diana's engagement ring was one of the most publicized objects of the royal family, around or creating the numerous rumors. The ring was 18 carat gold, adorned with an oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. It is said that initially, Prince Charles would not be given Diana an engagement ring because he asked her to consider well the implications that would have to request its entry into marriage and the royal family. However, stimulated a ring on Diana in her decision. Gossips said Diana chose the ring of several models Garrads created in 1980 due to its considerable size, but the princess herself testified that, in fact, the ring was chosen by Queen and Prince Charles.

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