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How To Organize A Winter Honeymoon

Winter weddings can provide a truly romantic and awe-inspiring backdrop for your wedding day ceremony. However, trying to organize a perfect winter honeymoon whilst also attempting to plan and orchestrate a dream winter wedding can be a stressful and chaotic experience for the soon to be married couple.

Honeymoons are designed to give recently married couples valuable time to relax and enjoy their first few days of married life without the everyday problems and stresses of home. Yet, if the winter honeymoon is not organized effectively, then many of these stresses and problems could follow you to your honeymoon destination!

If you are having trouble organizing a dream winter honeymoon, then do not despair. There are many tips available to help you organize your honeymoon more effectively.

Plan Early

It is always best to start organizing a winter honeymoon as soon as possible. While many couples do not like to start organizing their honeymoon until their wedding ceremony has been thoroughly organized, by starting to plan your winter honeymoon at an early stage, you are able to avoid many of the problems associated with making last-minute decisions.

Starting to plan early also gives you better ideas about what you and your partner would like to gain from the honeymoon. Your honeymoon should reflect both of you. Make separate lists of places you would each like to visit and why. By comparing these lists you might find a mutual dream winter honeymoon destination, or maybe even discover a winter honeymoon destination you have never even considered before!

Planning early can also have many financial benefits. As well as being able to save money by booking in advance, your choice of destination and accommodation is usually much more extensive than those who book their honeymoon at the last minute.

Remember the best honeymoon is often planned to start at least a couple of days after the actual wedding day. This gives you plenty of time to get organized, especially if you are travelling by plane to your winter honeymoon destination.

Funding a Winter Honeymoon

Although a winter honeymoon is often cheaper than a summer honeymoon, finding the money to fund your dream winter honeymoon can be difficult, especially with the rising cost of weddings. While many couples sometimes decide to post-pone their honeymoon until they have saved enough money, the longer you wait to go on your honeymoon, the lower your chances become of actually getting the time to go on a honeymoon!

Ideally the honeymoon should be taken within the first month of marriage. If your budget is tight and you still crave for your dream winter honeymoon then compromising on the length of stay is a good way to the reduce costs of a winter honeymoon.

Another idea is to start a honeymoon fund as soon as you decide to get married. Ask friends and family to add to this honeymoon fund instead of providing you with the usual wedding day gifts, and make sure you set aside some of your own money each month to put into this fund. Remember to keep this fund separate from the money you have saved to pay for the wedding. This way you do not get tempted to spend it on buying an over budget wedding dress or expensive catering!

Choose a Winter Honeymoon Location that suits you both

Whilst one of the most popular destinations for a romantic summer honeymoon is the flawless white beaches of Fiji, winter honeymoons can usually provide plenty of inspiring choices for the soon to be married couple.

For a truly romantic and magical honeymoon, the beautiful snow-covered woodlands of Metskartano in Finland, provides a wonderful winter honeymoon destination. With day-time activities such as skiing, dog sledge rides, and snowmobiling, there are plenty of things to keep you active and having fun. During the evenings, the warm open log fires, and clear night skies provide many special moments for a loving couple to share. Finland also provides many spectacular opportunities to see the northern lights!

Whether you are looking for an action-packed honeymoon or a more relaxing honeymoon, Finland has many wonderful holiday opportunities for those honeymooning in the winter period. From staying in a cosy log cabin, to a more unique stay in an ice hotel, Finland appears to have it all! However, if you want to escape from the cold, then winter honeymoons do not have to be all snow-laden mountains, log cabins, and enchanting forests.

Destinations such as the Caribbean and Hawaii still provide honeymooners with plenty of sun, sea and surf in the winter months. For other warm destinations with a difference, why not try Egypt or Dubai? Both these destinations have many sights to offer those planning a honeymoon in the sun. For an amazing honeymoon which incorporates adventure, enjoying a winter honeymoon safari in Africa, or visiting Machu Picchu in Peru are great honeymoon ideas worth considering.

A winter honeymoon in London, Paris, Venice, or New York is not to be missed, even if it is cold outside. With many hotels providing beautiful luxury honeymoon suites in these romantic cities, you do not have to go far from your room to enjoy your winter honeymoon!

Shop Around

There are lots of travel companies out there. So make sure you get the best deal on your honeymoon by shopping around. With the recent global recession many travel agents are significantly reducing the cost of their honeymoon packages to try and encourage more honeymooners to book with them. By comparing the cost of honeymoon packages on your local high street and the internet, you can make huge savings.

Enjoying your Winter Honeymoon

Finally when you are on your honeymoon, do not be scared to tell the world! You will be surprised how many complimentary services you can take advantage of when travelling and staying abroad as a honeymoon couple.

Also remember to spend some time apart during your honeymoon. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So by partaking in different activities once in a while, you can give each other some distance and not only avoid unnecessary arguments and stress ruining your honeymoon, but also make your marriage bond stronger.

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