Sabtu, 06 September 2008

Bridal Season Finale: Double Episode

The 2008 bridal season is winding down, and I've just finished two of my favorite dresses of the year. The first, for Chris, is off-white satin-faced silk shantung with grosgrain ribbon sash and flower detail. The ruffle bolero was a last minute inspiration, but it really makes the dress--don't you think? And yes, she is pregnant (so adorable). Congratulations, Chris and Todd.
The second, for Dove, is so perfect for her willowy figure and sleek haircut. White silk four-ply crepe with ruffle neckline and back cutout. She's jetting to Chicago for her wedding, then onward to a new home in Boise, so we had mere minutes to take a few quick snapshots. Congratulations, Dove...can't wait to see wedding pictures of this stunning young lady.

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