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Body Shapes

Body Shapes : Hourglass/Pear/Apple/Inverted Triangle/Petite/Rectangle

Pear Shape or Triangle
A woman with a pear shape figure has smaller shoulders and upper body than lower body.
RECOMMENDED: A plain A-line gown with elaborate bodices or laces and beadings on the upper body will create provide the attention to your upper body instead of lower part of the body.
AVOID: Any type of body hugging gown, full skirts, or cuts that will make the upper body appear even smaller or the lower body larger.
Inverted Triangle
A woman with an inverted triangle figure has wide shoulders and heavy top with a small hip or lower body.
RECOMMENDED: Sleeveless with minimum and simple open necklines. Full skirts with bow at the back or mermaid designs will add a more curves on the lower body.
AVOID: Low necklines, heavy beading, oversize sleeves with elaborate bodices on the upper body. No to straight skirts.
A woman with an rectangle figure has a long and narrow body without much difference in measurements between the bust, waist and hips.
RECOMMENDED: Go for an oversized shoulders and sleeves with elaborate design. High waistline skirts with some beadings will camouflage the thick waist. Full skirts with horizontal styling or can-can lining/petticoat will bring out an even body shape.
AVOID: Slim silhouettes with vertical styling such as straight gowns should not be considered.
A woman with hourglass figure has both her bust and hip about the same measurement with an obvious waist line which is usually very much smaller.
RECOMMENDED: A strapless or off-the-shoulder gown. When shopping for a strapless gown, go for the one-piece gowns instead of two-piece gowns.
AVOID: A two-piece gown can result in a “choppy” look, splitting you into to figures, avoid heavily beaded dresses that tend to make the bride appear heavier and no high neckline gowns.
Short and Petite
As it says, short and petite.
RECOMMENDED: Princess/A-line with shoestring straps and off-the-shoulder gowns. Right shoe height must be considered also when you select your gown as you will need the shoes to add to your height, if the height isn’t right, it wolud ruin the gown.
AVOID: Straight/Sheath(unless you are well-proportioned) and ball gowns.
Have fun hunting for your perfect gowns! Remember that you shouldn’t be pressured to choose a gown that you don’t like. Take your time and the perfect gown is there waiting for you.

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