Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

Ivory & Dove Grey Wedding in Mijas, El Padrastro

I loved creating this beautiful, stylish wedding for Alison and David in October. The setting was the El Padrastro restaurant in Mijas with such amazing views and the wedding was organised by
Sue at Spanish Dream Weddings. Alison had chosen a beautiful dove grey and ivory theme with crystals.
We had some unusual hiccups though, having planned to decorate some of the trees around the pool with lanterns and fairy lights, when we arrived on the day they had all been reduced to stumps, having been blown down in a terrific storm we had the weekend before, we improvised!
Our other hiccup was having arrived with our cream vintage tablecloths, the highly organised restaurant had already laid the tables and after a few conversations it became apparent from the shoulder shrugging that we were on our own, I don't think we have ever cleared and reset tables so quickly, it was rather stressful for a while as it was a large wedding with 14 tables. These beautiful photos are courtesy of the wonderful Jeremy Standley, truly one of my favorite photographers, thank you Jeremy.

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