Minggu, 22 Februari 2009

Jade Goody Wedding

I have been thinking about this all day as to whether it was appropriate to mention this wedding on my blog, but it is a subject that hits my core and I have just watched the day's events covering Jade Goody's wedding on the news.
I guess I can relate to this more so having watched my younger sister battle with cancer over the past 3 years and to watch this young woman's fight is inspirational.
Jade Goody has displayed the most amazing courage and ferocious appetite for life which will be taken away from her within the next few weeks, she is only 27 and yet her strength and determination to raise enough money for her two sons has been nothing less that extraordinary, truly admirable.
I hope her and her family, especially her two young sons, had the most magical day today which will never be forgotten by those that were there to share such a poignant day.

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