Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

Clever Party Ideas

Sometimes you read ideas from other people and it just clicks. You get excited and think yes! That is exactly what I thought when I heard these fabulous ideas over on Polka Dot Bride from Morgan and Ryan's wedding.

Idea #1:
It was really important to us to acknowledge the important people in our lives and share what makes them so special to us. We gave each guest a booklet with information about the places that the tables were named after, and a small blurb about each person at each table. They were a huge success – my Maid of Honour’s mother told me how she’d spotted that the woman sitting next to her was a chef, and so asked her for a new and exciting recipe she could make for her dinner party the next night!

Idea #2:
We had three children at our reception: My brothers and sisters. They absolutely mean the world to me, and I realised early on that they would find the duration of the reception a bit overwhelming. After a bit of brainstorming I came up with the idea of personalised activity sheets for each of them, with a photo treasure hunt (and disposable camera) the same on each. I tailored them to each of their ages; my 8 year old sister had join the dots and my 14 year old brother had logic puzzles (among other things). They were so much fun to make, and the kids loved them.”

Idea #3:
Ryan says “We thought it was a novel idea to incorporate a photobooth into Australian Hour. Morgan’s Stepdad Barry made us a large white photoframe for guests to stand behind, and our very close friend Ricky (a professional photographer) took photos of guests. The resulting photos are both hilarious and gorgeous. We’ve mailed them out as our thank you cards, and also have made a magazine style photo guestbook for our coffee table.”

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