Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Fabulous Cath Kidston styled wedding at Hacienda San Jose

Never in all my years as a stylist have I ever met my match with one of my brides, and I was truly astounded by Rebecca's talent and her attention to all the details that went into styling her wedding. A girl that is definitely in the wrong job for sure.
This wedding was organised and catered for by Heather at Fiestasol, beautifully photographed by Kris McGuirk and apparently, as I always leave far too early, a fabulous night of dancing followed with Rob the DJ.
Everything you see here was created by Rebecca, a graphic designer based in the UK.
I already knew this was going to be a stunning wedding, as Rebecca has been working hard on producing a portfolio of stationery for our shop here in Spain last winter, and I had been enlightened to most of what she was planning, but she still left my jaw dropping when I saw the amount of work she had put into her own fabulous day.
Nothing was left to chance, even the baby's nappy pants were styled with the baby's name and she was dressed in a mini Cath Kidston, but we do not have photos of this which is a shame, hoping we will get some though as it was so cute!
We filled in the gaps with Rebecca's flowers and dressed the tables for her, but her attention to the details was truly amazing from the table names with photos on, to the personalised sweet jars for every guests.
The fabulous candy and icecream bar for when hot guests arrived back from the church, the mirrored disco ball, the personalised wooden initials, the fairy lights her electrician father installed the day before, the list was endless.
Needless to say if Rebecca ever decides to up roots and move to Spain, we have already offered her a job. Rebecca is also promoting her stationery through our shop here in Spain so if you would like the same attention to details and stationery created here please do contact us for more information.
Our congratulations to Rebecca and Rob and hoping Rebecca is now having a well earned rest on her honeymoon!

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