Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

What I Love About Erin and Jeremy's Wedding

There is alot to love about Erin and Jeremy's wedding. I could tell you about their cute vintage style or their cracker of a wedding location, Union Hill Inn in SF but I'm going to narrow it down to three elements.

1. This Bridal Party Shot
This shot makes the bridal party look like they are stepping out of wild west movie - its something about the grainy texture and yellow light but I love it!

2. The Alter
I have a thing for left of centre alter decorations and this one hit the spot. Union Hill Inn have this as part of their standard decorations and I'm impressed, this venue has style!

3. The Cookie Bar
Ahhh hello, who does not like a cookie? This entire display was made by a very clever friend and guess what? She was a vegan so there is no butter in these bad boys. Clever.

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