Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Wedding Tuesday - Cocktail Hour

Hurrah! Its Wedding Day Tuesday again. I gotta say, I'm really enjoying sharing all these pics with you! Have you enjoyed the past posts? This week we're talking about cocktail hour. Once everyone arrived at our reception venue - the fabulous White Pavilion at Nielson Park, we had cocktails for an hour or so on the lawn. The venue is so great that it was an easy decision to do this.
I'm such a fan of DIY so making the space feel special was lots of fun - we dotted tissue paper pom poms through out the trees surrounding the grounds as well as in the Pavilion. Next, we dotted little african violet bushes wrapped in craft paper and ribbon to give the day a quaint feel. White picnic rugs were set under the trees and a retro gelato cart was ready to start serving ice cream. Next up, we made some really cute food flags to go through the serving trays and drinks flags for the mixers as well as an art montage to sit behind the bar to give the space a customised feel.

My super duper talented mum made drapery to hang from the doorways to give a bit of height and drama while my aunty made some fabulous bunting to anchor the deck. We customised some white weather balloons with fun signs saying "Hurrah We Are Married". Cute huh?

Well that's it for this week. Of course you can check out any of the past Wedding Tuesday Posts here or here or here.

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