Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Wedding Tuesday - Getting Ready!

Welcome to part one of our wedding! I'll be posting each Tuesday giving a wrap up of our wedding. First up - Getting ready. I've heard stories of people getting stressed out in the lead up to getting to the church but let me tell you it couldn't have been any further away from this on our big day. My fab little sister LuLu slept over and then my equally fab besties Monica and Erin joined us in the morning for champagne, magazine reading and primping and pampering. By lunchtime the family and our flower girl Romy joined in too and things kicked into overdrive. The absolute BEST moment was just before we left was all the girls dancing to Single Ladies to get our excitement and energy out. And then it was off to the chapel!

My dress was from Clarissa Grace, my shoes were from Alan Pinkus and my jewellery was from Lovisa and Forever New. I still wear the shoes and jewellery now they are that fab. The bridesmaid dresses were Toni Maticevski, while our flower girls dress was handmade my mum. Hair and Make up was done by Brad Ballard for the Names Agency(he was seriously good) Last but not least the flowers were done as a gift by my cousin who use to own a florist. He did a great job didn't he?

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