Jumat, 04 November 2011

gold ring

Often people buy a gold ring set with a diamond without really knowing the reason for this purchase. So why is so popular a diamond engagement ring on the woman? Diamond is the most expensive stone on the planet and is also the most resistant. So it is very durable as stone is used in a variety of useful work in factories. Because of its luster, pure diamond is used in making ornaments. And became the desire of every woman. Supported by platinum or gold, they give an extraordinary look. It reveals a great beauty at a price extremely expensive, making their purchase limited. Of course, many couples can afford a gold ring with a diamond above in monthly installments.

http://resize.over-blog.com/380x285-cz5t.jpg?~aHR0cDovL2ltZy53aWtpby1leHBlcnRzLmNvbS8wLzAwLzA2LzEwLzIwMTEtMDYvZGlhbWFudC5qcGc= How to wear?
A person wearing a wedding ring on the forefinger of the left hand means she intends to marry, the major, bride of the ring, married and the little finger, it means that the person 's is not yet married or widowed.
By wear against the index of the other hand, it means that the person has not thought of marriage, on the middle finger, it means that it has already found a partner and the little finger, that She is single.

In general, people do not wear wedding ring on their thumb. In principle only the rich who have the power and the door on the go.
How to care for the alliance?

It is best to entrust it to a professional cleaner to maintain the alliance substantially clean. Otherwise, every day you can always clean your home with a cleaning solution. When you wash your hands, remove the ring. Soap can become lodged in the hollow parts and will not be rinsed off quickly.

It is best not to wear jewelry to the beach, pool or play sports to avoid shocks. Housework or gardening also present the same risks. Do not approach your jewelry too close to a heat source or a source of X-rays or radioactive.
To avoid that the jewelry will scratch in contact with each other, they should be protected individually. As the diamond is the hardest stone, and marked 10, it can not be scratched by another diamond. Each piece should be stored in its case or cover his individual or in a compartment separated from the jewelry box to avoid scratching them easily. When traveling, a simple piece of tissue paper to wrap them enough.

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