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Find a perfect pair of the ring toseal a promise could be exhausting at one time but you end up in the middle ofthis endless hunt for the perfect band. After all, you would not go throughmuch of these, if not for one ultimate goal is to finally say yes to"always". And what could better symbolize the promise of eternal lovea diamond ring. Makeityourring Diamond EngagementRings signify love, dedication and loyalty a couple shares. The choice of adesign engagement rings says a lot about the personalities and characters ofcouples. Couples who prefer traditional look goes for a diamond engagement ringemerald cut. In addition to its superb vintage look, this ring is also asurprisingly reasonable prices.
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring is one of the foremost innovations of the rich, during the reign of Pope Innocent III. Originally from raw metal bands, decorative rings were invented having gemstones design. These rings are the initial transport of affection and honor. These initials were expressed by using sentimental gems that literally states "with respect". Stones used were emerald, ruby and garnet, among others and makeityourring diamond engagement rings. The first engagement ring emerald cut diamond was recorded in 1477, when the engagement of Mary of Burgundy to Archduke Maximilian of Austria.
The emerald cut diamond engagement rings has a rectangular shape with slightly cropped corners. Originally, this method was to cut emeralds, however, taking into account market demand and promoting its sophisticated shape or appearance, the cut was later used on diamonds too.
Thus, emerald engagement rings came out. This genus has, however, some aspects compared to other cuts. For this reason, the clarity is affected. Clarity refers to the translucency or perfection of the stone. Yet, ironically, the very form adds more to the popularity of this brand for emerald shapes are to create a balance to the elongated shape of the finger, leaving the hand with this stylish and elegant. 
Here the famous diamond :
  • The princess-cut diamond is a mixed-size mixing elements of size rectangular (emerald, radiant, etc.) and some characteristics of the round cut. The princess diamond combines the brilliance and shine of round diamonds with the style of rectangular diamonds. That is why the princess cut is now considered one of the most popular after the brilliant-cut to create engagement rings.
  • The oval cut diamond is usually quite similar to the round diamond, however, the oval cut diamonds are rare compared with round cut diamonds, and therefore more unique and a little less conventional.
  • The pear-cut diamond is the only remaining outstanding with a single end-point. The makeityourring diamond engagement rings with pointed ends may be more fragile compared with round diamonds. In addition, the sharp edges are difficult to cut without creating imperfections on the surface.
  • The cushion cut diamond is one of the oldest forms. The cushion cut, by its nature is not as bright as the other sizes, modern, yet vintage look that characterizes this size makes him earn a place in the heart of the fans by creating diamond engagement rings with a touch of Art Deco.
  • The radiant cut diamond combines the elegance of rectangular sizes with the brightness and brilliance of the round cut. The most obvious difference is with the princess cut diamond makeityourring diamond rings as the angles are rounded and not radiant-point as in the diamond princess.
  • The heart-cut diamond is eternal love, the heart symbol brings a vein of romance to the engagement ring.
  • The emerald-cut diamond and assher transmit a sense of calm, purity and elegance. The emerald cut has the longest dimensions of all other forms of diamond. Therefore the purity of the stone must be enhanced compared to diamonds of other shapes. The refined touch of emerald cut is very popular for creating an makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

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