Jumat, 10 April 2009

Real Wedding Inspiration: Nathan & Rebecca

Photography: Joel Flory Photography

Photographer's Snippet
: Nathan and Rebecca had an amazing San Jose Sharks themed wedding at The Stanford Park Hotel. All of the details were stunning and I especially loved the Shark stuffed animals that were given out as gifts to the kids. Lani Elizabeth did an excellent job with the flowers. Enjoy the photos!

Location: The Stanford Park Hotel
Florist: Lani Elizabeth
Officiant: Kim Gamble
DJ: Elite Entertainment

NRWED0117Ev.jpg NRWED0158Ev.jpg NRWED0631Ev.jpg NRWED0796Ev.jpg NRWED1123Ev.jpg NRWED1210E.jpg NRWED1308E.jpg NRWED1442E.jpg NRWED1493Ev.jpg NRWED1697E.jpg NRWED1795Ev.jpg NRWED2184Ev.jpg NRWED2229Ev.jpg NRWED2504Ev.jpg NRWED2692E.jpg NRWED3179Ev.jpg NRWED3318Ev.jpg NRWED3471Ev.jpg NRWED3637E.jpg NRWED3667Ev.jpg NRWED3775E.jpg NRWED3975E.jpg NRWED4052Ev.jpg NRWED4108E.jpg NRWED4308E.jpg NRWED4451E.jpg
NRWED4665Ev.jpg NRWED4994E.jpg NRWED5104E.jpg NRWED5155E.jpg NRWED5230E.jpg

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