Rabu, 08 April 2009

Real Wedding Inspiration: Stephanie & Rob

Photography: Marianne Taylor Photography

Photographer's Snippet:

The ceremony of Steph & Rob's wedding took place in the Fenchurch room of the Andaz. It was a gorgeous setting, with rose pedals and candle light creating a romantic atmosphere. Even though I was there to work, even I got a bit emotional at some point!

After the ceremony, there was a champagne reception at the Gallery, which is a stunning modern space with an enormous glass roof and that funky circular atrium you saw in the test pictures. It's a bit of a shock to the system to move through the different areas of the Andaz, it's like jumping back and forth through time.

Now then, you remember how I was saying this was a challenging venue to work in. You might have been wondering where exactly the challenge was. Let me introduce The Temple. Yes, the Andaz boasts a century old Masonic Temple, now thought to be grandest in England, with Grade II listed marble and mahogany. When the hotel was sold for refurbishment it was so run-down the previous owners had never discovered the temple as it was boarded behind a fake wall. Some believe Jack the Ripper was a Mason and would have attended this temple as it was closest to his hunting ground.

But yes, a temple with walls made out of dark marble, no windows, no artificial light sources, just candles. I could hardly see anything through the viewfinder! My assistant did an awesome job running around with an off camera flash, without her I don't think there would be any pictures to show.

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