Selasa, 23 Juni 2009

A peacock tale.

Okay, I'm not normally a fan of "tail/tale" puns, but since I'm experiencing a peacock theme this week I couldn't resist. The first project is a ruffle shrug. Kirsty lives in Ontario and will be having an intimate wedding ceremony of 2 on a mountaintop in Slovenia this summer--she found me through etsy and was hoping to have a shrug made to match her shoes. Shipping me one of her shoes was discussed, but knowing the postal service, I worried about that one. So we hit on a solution: paint swatches! She hied down to Home Depot with her dancing slippers in hand, and matched them to a color: "Peacock Tail."
I found a gorgeous peacock blue silk taffeta that comes pretty close. Also, um, it's beautiful. Seriously, this color is so pretty it makes me want to cry. Kirsty, I want pictures of you on that mountaintop! Next up, a peacock-themed dress embellishment for Annie's dress. Her wedding has some nods to India (well, certainly more than nods--her fiancé is Indian). Also, her dress is one-shouldered and has a gauzy, sari-like drape in ivory chiffon behind it. Since peacock feathers are a traditional symbol of good luck, we worked a few into the dress:
Also featured--vintage paste gems, velvet ribbon, sequin trim, violet-blue chiffon. Her bridesmaids will be wearing that lovely inky indigo. Summer must be here at last--I'm loving all the rich color!

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