Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009

Enagagement Shoot: Oz + Lee

Photography: The Last Forty Percent

The Last Forty Percent Snippet: They sat in her parent’s living room. In silence. Not sure who should speak first. And so they all just stared at each other. The room was filled with nerves and excitement. Hopes and dreams. And one very important question.

Oz and Lee had flown home to visit her parents to ask for their blessing to get married. Being that her parent’s first language was not English, Lee was nervous about exactly what he should say. What words should he use to express how madly in love he was with their daughter? After a long silence, he cleared his throat and took the plunge. And then the silence returned. Oz’s mom turned to her husband and said, “You’re the father - he’s asking you”. Laughter followed and the ice had been broken. The blessing was given and Oz smiled thinking about becoming engaged hopefully one day in the not too distant future.

As she went to the bathroom to freshen up, little did she know that Lee was actually carrying the engagement ring right in his pocket. Oz’s mom was overcome with excitement and insisted that right then and there would be the perfect moment. As Oz walked out of the bathroom, she was greeted by her mother with an enormous smile on her face. And her father with a look of nervousness. And Lee with a look of excitement and terror. But then he smiled at her and only excitement remained. He said that he simply couldn’t wait any longer to be her husband and asked that one very important question…


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