Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009

The Sintan Wedding :)!

I first met Natasha & David last year when they were venue hunting, upon their return back to Dublin I received an email confirming they had chosen the charming La Posada del Torcal as their wedding venue.
As the year progressed and we designed and planned together I earnt many nicknames due to always complaining to Natasha that I did not have any time to sit in the sunshine although I lived in Spain! For the record, Natasha, having had a few days off in August the legs are finally brown back and front :)!
What a truly, amazing day this was, starting with a military church wedding in Antequera followed by a Zoroastrian blessing back at La Posada in the evening all organised by Jenny.
The whole day was fabulous with some beautiful saris and of course lots of handsome young men in uniform and I was thrilled to have a pink bhindi stuck to me before the Zoroastrian ceremony started! I was so excited I almost forgot to go and get the garlands out the fridge, it was a close escape as the highly organised Jenny suddenly realised I had not produced them!
We created a beautiful white and aqua theme with stunning centrepieces that echoed the feel of the venue and it's fabulous peaceful surroundings. All the little details again with the fans, the gazebo for the blessing in the evening, plus the lanterns and candles to make the evening magical. The hentastiques were true to form, as promised!, and created the quirky initials to hang from the tree and did some pre wedding crafting of lovely table seating ribbons to hang from the trees.
Thanks yet again to Jeremy for these beautiful photos, albeit I am a PITA now and of course a Sintan (with a tan now!), am rather puzzled that everyone seems to have the urge to give me nicknames?!
I am still waiting for my bracelets Natasha?!

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