Selasa, 27 April 2010

My Inspirations - jewel coloured weddings

I am not sure why but I have kept this image on my computer, I think I would like my house to look like this, albeit I already have hot pink and turquoise mixed with whites but it certainly looks nothing like this!!!

I love all the textures, the flashes of colours and the chill out bed, and visualise a wedding theme coming on from this board.
I have found a few inspirations on this idea having been working on one of our brides themes, she has some fabulous different coloured bridesmaids dresses, which is becoming a hugely popular alternative to all the matching bridesmaids this year.
Whilst I love the colours below for an idea I do think if you picked the colours from my photo above with the hot pink, turquoise, orange and that fabulous green this would really make a stunning wedding.

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