Kamis, 22 April 2010

Wedding Insurance

It has been a strange week with the airspace over the UK and most of Europe closed and of course there have been many casualties, not least one of our weddings booked for this Saturday has had to be cancelled due to the wedding party just not being able to get to Spain.
Having also seen many hotels here close in the last year such as Los Monteros, Las Dunas, Taberna del Albadero, in the light of this, we would strongly recommend any brides planning their wedding abroad to take out wedding insurance to protect themselves from such disasters happening.
Spain is not an insurance culture and there are no insurance companies here in Spain offering this, but many clients coming from the UK, Ireland and the US should investigate what is available to them.
We are currently investigating a few insurance companies offering insurance for weddings abroad and will be offering this to our brides soon.

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