Senin, 05 April 2010

Project 13 by 30

My lovelies, it won't be long until I turn 30. A slightly scary prospect filled with thoughts of being a 'proper adult'. To help ease me into this thought I challenged myself to get a heap of stuff done before I turn 30. You know, the things you always think you should do but never get round to it. I created a survey and asked all my friends to help choose the top 13. And Project 13 by 30 was born. Here is what is on my list:

1. Try and Olive
2. Organise a kick ass 30th birthday party
3. Spend a day volunteering
4. Go on a roadtrip with the big A
5. Vist my nana and nano's grave
6. Get myself a proper savings account
7. Run 10k's
8. Redesign my blog
9. Make gelato or ice cream by hand
10. Take a family photo
11. Take more photos of everything!
12. Dye my hair
13. Hold a film festival for myself of classic films

Source: Vamoose via Krisatomic

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