Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

Real Wedding Inspiration: Caryn & Brian

Photography: At First Sight Studio

At First Sight Studio Snippet: Things were running unusually well the morning of Caryn and Brian’s wedding. What should have been a grey, rainy sky was actually a beautiful blue. Things were right on schedule and Daniel and I were enjoying a relaxing morning with the ladies (a very rare treat). But all this suddenly changed when Caryn’s sister Stacey was getting zipped into her gorgeous BCBG gown… and the zipper broke. That’s right, a full-on split down the middle of the thing. At first I was enjoying myself, taking photos of them trying desperately to get the darn thing closed, but once the drama unfolded, it became clear that this was going to be quite a problem. To add to it, Stacey was completely stuck in the dress as the zipper wasn’t budging either way. Daniel was waiting in the hallway (he doesn’t get to be around naked ladies!) so I joined him so we could quickly come up with an action plan to buy Stacey some time to run to BCBG and get fixed up. Oddly enough, everything went really smoothly after that. We took Caryn and Brian out for pre-ceremony portraits and everything was just fine!

The rest of the day ran smoothly and Stacey made it back on time, zipper changed, for the ceremony. The reception that followed was one of the most beautiful we’ve ever photographed. Bice, the restaurant where everything was held, was just stunning.

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