Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010

Eco friendly freeze dried petals coming in for September

We are delighted to be expanding our range of wedding decorations in our shop in Marbella and from the beginning of September, Reviva Weddings will be stocking eco friendly freeze dried petals. 

A beautiful range of peony, rose, hydrangea and delphinium petals will be available from our store. 

Perfect for scattering aisles and tables or filling our stylish confetti cones, biodegrable, non slippery and do not discolour.  A wonderful range of colours available from hot pink, raspberry ripple peony mixture to the fresh green hydrangea, lavender and ivories.

Also available in our new 5 litre stylish boxes which can be used as a keepsake after your wedding to store those precious wedding memories in.

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