Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Hacienda San Rafael

I do always love driving through Spain and today was no exception, although I have to say in August I would rather be on the beach! 

I was intrigued as I have two weddings booked at the Hacienda San Rafael in the next 2 weeks so it goes without saying I had to make the trip up to visit this charming venue, firstly to make sure we knew where we were going on the actual day and secondly to check out the decoration plans! 

I had done my homework and realised, I think, the reason for this sudden popularity of this venue might have been based on the fact it was featured in a UK bridal magazine last year, I cannot remember which one, but I had read the article and when we were booked for this sudden flurry of weddings there, I put two and two together:)

It is a two hour journey to this venue from Marbella, along to Los Barrios and then heading up past some fabulous lake settings and then into what I can only describe as a War of the Worlds slightly eerie setting with the absolutely enormous wind turbines blotting the landscape.  I kept expecting them to start moving and along with what seemed to be a huge amount of eagles buzzing around waiting for goodness knows what on this very arid, dry land, I was relieved to finally get up to Jerez.  From here I headed out towards Seville and finally managed to find this venue after a phone call and having quickly dodged some traffic and done a sort of spanish style dog leg across a main road!

I was greeted with a freshly made lemonade, a fabulous venue bursting with pink bougainvilla along with a very charming Anthony who showed me around and nothing was too much of a problem as we discussed our forthcoming weddings.

My only concern is having been sweating the whole time whilst there, I was told that it was pleasant there today with a gentle breeze and this weekend the temperatures are set to rise again well into the 40's?!    If I survive this coming weekend there, I have no doubt will be some fabulous photos of these weddings :)  A definite party venue for sure with a fantastic host!

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