Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

We don't just do weddings!

Whilst Reviva Weddings are obviously associated with planning, styling and creating fabulous weddings, we are stylists for all occasions and often turn our hands to other celebrations.

Last night was no exception and we were hired by a family vacating here in a private villa situated in the Marbella Club.

Our brief was to descend upon the villa last night whilst the family were out having a celebration dinner at the fabulous restaurant Babilonia at Olivia Valere, and turn the villa into a beautifully decorated birthday surprise for when the mother returned with her family.

I have to confess we felt like stalkers creeping in at 10pm and within 2 hours the transformation was completed!

We had completely decorated the villa with flowers, lanterns and candles and fabulous balloon displays.

Here is the text message we received in the early hours of this morning after the family had returned.

Hello Laura!  Thank you so much for the lovely decoration.  My mother was overwhelmed with joy when we got back home.   The flowers, candles and balloons are amazing!  Thank you, the both of you, for this breathtaking setting.

This is unforgettable birthday and I shall definitely be contacting you for any future events.

I hope to see you again real soon.

I could never do this solo so a huge thank you to my fantastic team of professionals, Loraine for the fabulous flowers and to Silvia for the wonderful balloons :)  I was playing the skivvy, sweeping up and fetching and carrying :) 

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