Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

A Happy Ending at the Finca de la Concepcion

I first met Catriona last year as she had booked us to create her decorations and flowers for her wedding.  She was due to get married in Nerja but as time transpired it appeared her wedding planned for Nerja was turning into a fiasco and was unlikely to be held the weekend she had planned. 

Eventually Catriona wiped the slate clean and started again using us as not only her wedding decorator but her planners. 

An action planned was drawn up by Carla and the San Pedro church was booked for the weekend she had planned, then a venue search was underway, Catriona settled on the fabulous Finca de la Concepcion as her setting for her beautiful day. 

Having secured these two elements of her wedding all the other suppliers were booked and the wedding details were underway.  LePanto caterers were astounding and the food was to die for, Naiara the violinist with her beautiful church music, a truly talented lady, the  hair and make up girls were brilliant and a fabulous vintage car was booked.

We created fabulous white puff ball pew ends set on stands for the church and matched the table centrepieces.  Every detail was organised from the name tags on the napkins to the beautifully designed cake from Fi.  We used a green and purple theme to lift the white puff balls and of course lots of tealights and lanterns everywhere to turn the venue into a magical evening.

Having had a bad start here, the Fairy Godmother of the Costa Del Sol waved her magic wand again to create a perfect day!

Our thanks to Jennifer Jane, associate photographer at Jeremy Standley for yet again providing us with such fabulous photos.

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