Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Fruit and Veggie Bar

Whilst a wedding is full of decadence and chocolate, I love this idea for perhaps a slightly different and healthier version of the canapes served with the cocktails, to set up a fruit and veggie bar instead. 

How different is this and I think it is a wonderful idea. 

Imagine this set up at your wedding complete with a signature cocktail, fabulous! 

Instead of the 'what shall we give the guests that do not want to drink' you could offer refreshing healthy smoothies, little bite size pieces of watermelon topped with a walnut and sour cream mixture, mozzarela and tomato eggcups, lovely dips with carrots and celery and what we call here in Spain Picos (breadsticks).

My favorite combination of any foods are the cheese and fruit elements which would work well here, Stilton and Pears, Apples and Cheddar for example.  I am sure my sister could come up with many food combinations and ideas of this sort of canape table.

I was chatting online with Fi, our fabulous and hugely stylish cake designer, who of course as always immediately throws me fab things to distract me from my tasks so ended up wandering around the Amy Atlas blog and stumbled upon this idea.  

Fi is also studying business law and about to complete her final exams, so her and I were of course busy studying hard and not looking at wedding websites :)!  We both now know how to create cupcake garlands, and design veggie bars!  Perhaps Sweet Things By Fi should be renamed to Sweet and Sour Things By Fi :)

To all the caterers we work with take note, I think this is a fabulous idea and certainly a new and novel one, I just need to make sure I can get hold of some sprouts and artichokes as we are soooo seasonal here in Spain but we can work on this :)!

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