Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Reviva Planning and Coordination

As Reviva Weddings grow, we are delighted to be involved in more and more weddings, although we do carefully plan the logistics of the dates, the work required on each event and moving around Andalucia.

Here was a classic example of one of our rather busy days at the end of last August.

Me and my decoration team were in Seville and Carla was in Frigliana holding Julia and Jamie's hands and overseeing their fabulous wedding day.

We were decorating and overseeing a wedding and over two hours drive away Carla was booked as the wedding coordinator for Julia and Jamie's beautiful wedding in Frigiliana with a reception at the Cortijo Bravo in Velez Malaga.

I am now known as the fairy godmother of the Costa Del Sol which I love, but I do think Carla really deserves this title, along with many other planners I work with to be honest.

I like to think of Carla and I as the fairies in Sleeping Beauty (I have a 4 year old daughter !)

I change everything to pink and make it twinkle and then Carla comes along and changes it to blue, organises it and puts it down on paper!! Carla is the most organised and efficient person I have ever met and I am very honored to have her on my team, she is amazing.

Her attention to detail is unmatched and I have never met anyone like her, I do feel like one of her students when she tells me off!!

Carla also teaches hospitality and event management so you can see her standards are high.

I was at a lecture this week teaching the students about event design and decoration and she even told me off then for over running on time and talking too much :)

Carla was booked to organise the details of Julia and Jamie's wedding held at the pretty church in Frigliana, arrange the paperwork and work with Julia and Jamie to coordinate their day and oversee it so that everything ran smoothly.

Julia and Jamie had given Carla their list so far and we finalised it for them and checked all the details were in place and then Carla was present on the day. I love this set of photos as you will see Carla in her black dress, with Julia and Jamie at the beginning and then the last photo she is outside watching over the reception.

Whilst we did not become involved in the flowers or decorations for Julia and Jamie, we are delighted to see these fabulous photos from Jeremy and will find out the florist who worked with them for their day in order to recommend them to our brides who wish to work with a florist in this area, I thought the photos of the bouquets were stunning.

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